Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tokyo Brolita SNAP!

I'd like to dedicate today's post to the amazing brolita that I've met in Tokyo.

I've met Onpu-chan at Shinjuku Annex, just by the Baby the Stars Shine Bright shop.
I've seen Onpu-chan before at Harajuku Kawaii festival, and when I saw the face again, I recognized the brolita instantly. Luckily Onpu-chan remembered me too. I've given him my card before, but I guess Onpu-chan was too shy to look up my channel. I am glad we met again and Onpu-chan agreed to let me use this picture on my blog.

As you can see, Onpu-chan is a lover of Baby the Stars Shine Bright, as well as Metamorphose, as he told me later.
Now, open your eyes, because what you are seeing it the BRAND NEW Baby the Stars shine bright Kuma Kumyachan JSK!
It's only been released at the end of October and it sells at 24,990円

Zooming in you can see the typical Baby logo on the print and the bag with it. Even the bear rucksack and strap on the bag are matching. Onpu-chan invested a serious amount in this co-ord and it has paid off. Even the tights are from the same collection. Onpu-chan looked great!

Onpu-chan is very shy and modest, it was a pleasure to meet Onpu-chan again. Onpu-chan really worked at the style and the browns and  pinks suit the wig as well.

In a city as busy as Tokyo, I think it shows some real bravery and love for fashion to wear Brolita out shopping on your own. I am glad I had the chance to meet Onpu-chan again.


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