Saturday, 23 November 2013

Blog thiefs and couch surfers

Getting woken up by a sheer orchestra of church bells. First i need to recollect myself. Dreams of Tokyo subways, mingle with thoughts of English Full Afternoon Teas. Wait. Where am i this morning? Church bells. Right, this must be Germany.
Let me introduce again, my name is Cat. Since summer i am mostly couch surfing, between europe and asia. The thing that keeps me grounded, while everything else is floating, is my youtube channel Canudoitcosplaygirl. Wait. Well, it has changed to Canudoitcat now, since the youtube google+ merge this month. I've spent the last 2 mornings editing the -probably longest- video i've ever made. It will be a christmas give away for my lovely subbies. I call my subscribers subbies but i actually have another name for them, that you might not know. Shall i tell you?
Since my channel is  challenge channel, i call them "challengers". But also because my mix of random videos every Sunday might often be a surprise, i think watching and staying tuned to my channel makes you a challenger as well. I love my challengers. I've never known the internet had such a potential to bring together people of such particular interests. And even though i always end up editing too long, starting from 5 hours of editing a day or more, for a video of 5 minutes,i think it's one of the most rewarding hobbies i have.
The only thing bothering me is my new housemate Google plus. Google plus insists on knowing everything about me and in the end always seems to want to have things go her way. It's quite tiring at times. She still makes it difficult to reply to some of my challengers, so for now i hope via this blog and via Facebook i will be able to stay in touch with all of them. I am not looking forward to seeing the state of the room once i return from my couch surfing trip in Munich but i can see she already helped herself to my blog posts when i wasn't  watching. It's not easy living with Google plus but i hope that we, my rubies and i, will all still be able to connect the way we used to, before the switchover. Once i go back to where Google plus  girl is i will need to have some serious words.
Anyways, please look forward to an extra long video on Sunday! It will be a Japan haul, a little sketch, a give away and hopefully make you smile.
Once we get to Monday there should be normal blog posts again about Japanese culture, fashion and cafes!
See you Sunday! Please stay in touch.
Thanks for reading!

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