Sunday, 6 April 2014

Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House OP

I meant to do a video with my whereabouts a while ago, but today I got too busy so I just made a quick video of my newest haul: 
The Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House OP! *squeals*

The chocolatey video is here:

I have been wondering if I should buy the dress or not, when it was on sale on the web page. I always wanted a nice chocolatey brown dress and the pattern on it is really cute. But I kept telling myself to be good and it still was a little pricey on the sale. I am so glad I didn't get it back then.

Sweet Cream House Selfie time

The brown goes really well with my wig and macaroon bear necklace.
I am so glad I took the risk of buying a lucky pack. And I am also really glad it came with the head bow! After my Closet Child haul I realized that I have pretty dresses, but barely the right head bows to go with them. I got to get a little creative in making co-ordinations, which is not necessarily a bad thing though.

I hope you like this weeks video!
I am looking forward to wearing this outside once its warmer!

You can see it in the video, but I was struggling a little bit with the babydoll cut. Quite a new thing to me to be honest. Also the fact that there is no sheering, might be the reason why it was on sale for such a long time this spring before it landed in the lucky pack. I hope by tying the bow properly, I can still wear the dress without looking too round.

Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House
 Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House INFO:

OP Original Price: 26,040 Yen
Headdress: 3,360Yen

Lucky Pack Price: 10,800 Yen!!!

Super Bargain!

Now let me tell you a secret: Whenever I get a new dress, I start talking tons of selfies, with the most derpiest faces. And I bet I am not the only one... :)

More to follow soon! Sorry for being so busy! I haven't forgotten about you guys!

Love what you do!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

A way to happiness

I have not been good with my thursday posts so here a little message before i go to sleep.

This March i had the unusual pleasure to celebrate my birthday in three countries, together with the three groups of friends and my families.
I am currently starting a new life after university in a new environment, with a new job and new challenges. These things are not always as exciting and fun as they sound. They are actually quite scary at times. Great changes and steps forward often come at the expense of other things and not only did i have to work hard for it, i also had to sacrifice certain things and part with friends that are very dear to me. Just when i started asking myself "What the hell ARE you doing Cat?!" i opened up a chinese fortune cookie and got the simple message:

"You will find a way to create the happiness you desire"

And this simple fortune cookie gave me courage. We never know where life will take us. But we all have the chance to create the happiness we want. It will be different from others ideals and desires, so you will have to make your own. Life is a big DHY store if you want to personalize it to match your wishes. I hope i will keep actively creating instead of passively sitting for things to happen in my dhy store.

I hope the people who have walked with me, my european and international friends and viewers, will keep walking this path with me. No matter where you are, there is this crazy German girl who is grateful for all your love. Thank you so much. And please keep in touch.

By the way i have no clue how the Chinese reads on the fortune cookie. For all i know it might be a shopping list like "you forgot the yoghurt".