Saturday, 16 November 2013

How to turn yourself into a Manga - Otaku Camera!

 If you are like me, and you like manga, then sooner or later you will have picked up a pen and tried to draw (insert favorite manga/anime character of your choice) or, well, yourself.
Now, for all those who terribly failed at the drawing yourself part, there is now an App for that.
It's called Otaku Camera

My Friend Lo. Caption: "Ugaaa"

 I had just found an app that made it possible to enlarge eyes on a taken photograph and decided to give my friend Lo the Anime-eye treatment. Lo did a counter combo with a manga picture of herself (see picture on the left). That's how I started venturing deeper into the Google Play store to find that certain app.
That hair would be awesome for Hime Lolita!

Otaku camera is one of the largest mangafy-yourself apps with 1,000,000+ download. Currently, in certain selected countries, if you buy a toothpase you get a code that enables you to have free Kyari Pamyu Pamyu frames. Nice one.
 Well, for all those other ones, there are a few selectable frames, and the rest you can pick and download from online.

Villain Google Plus being wanted for: Forceful behavior on innocent youtubers and stealing my bed

I first decided to give me character Google Plus the Manga treatment.

Probably best matching shot of the day.

Original picture

 I then picked a picture of me and my friend plushy carrot and tried to work out more of the extra frames.
I had to download some more minutes and then I was good to mangafy me and mister carrot.

You can select how dark you want the picture to be and how much of the original will be visible with two bars on the bottom screen. The more you add of your original picture, the less manga-like you will look though.

 Playing around with those two bars, make a change, but sometimes it's better to just re-take the picture to make sure you got the right lighting. Especially for the hair pieces, it's advisable to re-take picture until your head fits in the frame.

Nicer effects if used with other picture apps

 All in all, it was a good laugh using Otaku Camera, but the features are limited to only a very few frames, which is surprising because Otaku Camera is one of the largest manga-fy-yourself apps on the market. This unfortunately means that using the app can get a boring soon, after you've shared a couple of pictures and had a laugh. But it's free and Lo and I definitely had a good time using it.

Lo superpuuunch!

(as on the 16.11.2013)
Price: Currently for free
Downloads: 1,000,000+
Available: Google Play Store and Iphone store



Easy to use, easy to share

Can bring out fantastic effects if photo fits into the frames

A very limited amount of frames

pictures might have to get re-taken several times to fit into frames

some frames expire after certain dates

Free and fun, but hopefully will be updated with more frames

So that's it for today!
Tomorrow is SUNDAY which means there will be a video up!
I hope you are all looking forward to it, I am looking forward to your comments! Don't let google plus troll you!


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