Friday, 8 November 2013

Sailor Moon Make up?!

I strolled through the Ikebukuro station underground, engaged in a serious conversation, the following happened:
Cat: "So, yes, I am really worried about that situa- OH MY GOD ITS SAILOR MOON!!!

I dashed forwards and put my nose against the window of the beauty goods store I had seen. Indeed, it featured a large, life size display of Sailor Moon .. but what for?!

Turns out, within the Sailor Moon 20th anniversary, they started to bring out a whole make up collection called "Miracle Romance". When I was there, it was mainly eye-liners in different colours (matching the Sailor Warriors) that you could purchase.

I really wanted to get my own set of Miracle Romance Eye liner, but it turned out, all those with Usagi (Serena/Bunny/whatever else she's been translated as) had already been sold out. Apparently, also shops abroad who stocked them ran out of their stock pretty quickly. Maybe with a couple of more months it will be easier to get hold of their items. They are also doing other things like powder with a mirror in the shape of Sailor Moon's brooch etc I think, but that time it was only the eye liners.

Next time I see some of it somewhere I gotta get my own Miracle Romance Make Up!!
If I do I will totally do a review for your guys.

That's it for today guys!
Embrace your inner geek.


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