Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Why it feels like Google is sniffing my pants...

Youtubers going wild, hordes of abuse and even one of the early youtube founders hurling abuse at the new system: Youtube has integrated with Google + now 

Some people have managed to miss the whole darmalama, mainly because they already have a Google plus account, OR were asked to get one when they signed up for youtube.
I had to let Google + into my life yesterday, and the whole thing has upset me quite a bit, so let's make a little interview with my forced new housemate:
Cathy Kitty alias CanudoitCosplaygirl/Cat

Google+ the new unwanted housemate

CAT: WHY the change?

GOOGLE+: Weeeell, Youtube comments have been full of homophobia, racism, misogyny and the abyss of the human mind. Integrating it with Google Plus means that you are supposed to now comment with your "real" name and that is supposed to keep you from the trooololooools. 

CAT: Does Google + work and keep the trolls away? Because it seems to turn normal users away
It looks like it really doesn't help against trolls either. The change did set of hordes of abuse and flame walling, no matter what name you comment with - real or not.
Why do I have to live with Google plus as Youtuber? 

GOOGLE+: You have to use Google + because you want to answer your viewers. Even if you don't need another social platform. It looks like you've been given a choice, but you kind of haven't really.

CAT: Right. I've decided I will only take what I need from it and use it for youtube comments ONLY. Apart from that, I find the interface so confusing, that I don't even want to engage more in it. I mean circles? Aren't plus signs and circles from the game Noughts and Crosses? 

GOOGLE+: Cat, can I read your private letters?
Cat: There's always the issue of letting Google take all your information. Even though they claim they are big on internet security, you should NEVER forget that they own google maps, news, youtube, other services AND your search history. Joining Google plus, they will also have your private messages to friends and other people.

GOOGLE+: Cat, can I lie in your bed? Can I sniff your pants?
CAT: This brings Google to a level of closeness, that some people are obviously not comfortable with, and I totally understand that. If some people opt out of starting the system, I don't blame them. I just hope they will still in touch with my channel in their own way.

Why people you so upset again?
I'm personally upset because:
- We can't reply to comments older than the day of the change. They're classed as unactive, untouchable, un-replyable. I wasn't told that when I signed up.
- Some NEW comments I still can't reply to, and I don't see any reason for that
- comments are now placed in a random order of relevance, that I find condescending, and not at all "relevant" or "meaningful" like google advertised them to be
- I have now 3 names on my channel, because Google plus messed up. There's Canudoitcosplaygirl in all my video, but there's Cathy Kitty Cat on my recommendations and Canudoitcat on my channel page. That's confusing. I hope people know how to find me again.
- This will turn some people away from youtube. Fact. Social interaction was youtube's strongest point and those who don't want Google shoved down their throats, will turn away from it.

- It has't stopped the trolls really. It actually feels like getting trolled.

More about this will be up on my video in a few hours (unless it gets banned or taken down because it could be seen as offensive?)
Maybe it will all work out great, and maybe google plus is not storing all our data, and maybe I will actually have a day when I enjoy their set up and understand what it is REALLY good for, but I haven't reached that day yet. That doesn't mean I can't be convinced. But right now, I don't like my new housemate. Why?

It feels  more like you have to do things for Google+ than the other way around.

Here's a link to what the Guardian wrote about the topic.
There's also a Petition on Change.org which is growing by the minute.

Love and Peace

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