Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mister Doughnut - Hello Kitty Halloween

Mister Doughnut is a coffeehouse chain from Japan.
Well, actually that's wrong.
It USED to be a chain from America, but now the headquarters of it are in Japan, while most of the American stores transformed into Dunkin' Doughnuts.

I've been to Mister Doughnuts a couple of times, their "Pon de Ring" is my favourite, but since they are a chain, they lack the cozy tea house charm that some individual places have.

I know it's waaay past Halloween, but I wanted to show you the cute Halloween special they did during the time:
The Halloween Hello Kitty Doughnuts!

Mmmmh Kitty!
They came in two flavours, strawberry and pumkin and were shaped like Hello Kitty pumpkins. The both tasted quite delicious, even though I felt they were a little too cross on the inside.

They had an offer that combines one doughnut with a drink, so that way you can save a little bit on the coins when you are going for tea in Tokyo.

Mister Doughnut used to give away plushies, bento boxes and other goodies to loyal customers, however just this autumn the system has changed and all the customer cards expire now. We can only hope that they will do great price off deals in the future instead. I will miss the Pon the Lion plushy though.

If you are lucky, they often do 100yen days, when selected doughnuts are only 100yen. If you see the offer, I'd definitely recommend you to go inside and try some out!

★★★★★QUICK REVIEW: Mister Doughnut★★★★★
★It's cheaper than other chains like Starbucks etc.
★It usually has a more playful atmosphere, with their character Pon de Lion displayed around the store.
★It's super affordable on campaign days
★The only place you can Eat "Pon de Ring", it's worth it!
★Depending on the store, the inside can look a little like a posh cafeteria.
★Some drinks are pricy, compared to what they offer
Mister Doughnut is a nice place to stop if you are desperate for a doughnut and some tea. It lacks the 'family feel' of more intimate and smaller coffee places, and there isn't much room for customization from the staff either. I wouldn't go there on a Loli meet, or to have a nice time out, but it's nice for a snack, a tea, while waiting for someone or when you need a quick study break outside.

Derpy me! I was ill on that day, don't judge meeee!

I will be away from my computer for the next couple of days.
Let's see how I will manage to upload in that time.

Challenge START!


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