Saturday, 30 November 2013

Blog Challenge Successful!

A month ago i set myself the challenge to not only start blogging but also to post one blog post a day for the entire November.

This task turned out to be far more of a challenge than i bargained for. I bogged in Japan, i bogged during plane journeys, i bogged during train journeys, i bogged in Munich and today i am blogging you from Berlin after a 7hour car journey and a big family feast. I learned how to set up my first page, how to blog from my phone, from a strange pc, from home and on the go.

Blogging has become a little journey in itself.  I think this blog also made me realise how many things you can do in one mere month. It's fascinating to see how much life you can squeeze in one day, week, month. I love seeing that. And i love hearing from people like you, that you enjoy my random scribbling that i put up on cafe harajuku.

Setting myself this challenge also made me realise, HEY - i like this! I didn't know i could do it, and i still got lots to learn but hey, it is a great experience that i otherwise would not have had. And that's how it goes with most of those challenges that you set yourself. You don't  know where they take you, but they will definitely give you something new and make you grow.

Cutting my speech short, i love this blog and i hope you enjoy reading it, because i will keep doing it. Had! No escape! You can't stop me nooow *queen music playing*
From how on, i might not post every day but i will try and post at least every Thursday and of course on Sunday. But then i will probably also try to post about random things that i find between so its definitely with checking back ever so often to find new delicious things on my daily menu.

Write a blog post every day - CHALLENGE SUCCESSFUL!!!!

PLEASE come back for more and keep checking!!!
Thanks for.joining my challenge and I'll catch you tomorrow for my next video!!


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