Sunday, 10 November 2013

Editing CRISIS!

When Editing goes BAAAD!
Making youtube videos is like doing a whole performance. You rehearse, you practise, you work on perfecting it. Once it's all on stage, it looks fun and easy. Nobody would guess that  more than 10 times of effort and sweat can go into such a short video.
I enjoy editing my videos - especially when things go right! I do take about 5 hours on average and more for special videos, which usually takes up a large chunk on my Sundays.  Sometimes I end up editing through the night, and there have been days when I could see the sun rise because my editing tools had delayed the process.

THIS Sunday, having spend over 4 already on this week's video, suddenly my computer goes slooow and BANG Sony Vegas,  my editing tool of choice, crashes. That's no reason to panic, Vegas luckily has a recovery that Windows Media Maker doesn't have. Media Maker used to just crash on me and then pretend it hadn't even seen me edit ANYTHING, a bit like a stroppy child saying "It's not me, I wasn't there!"
Restarting Sony Vegas this time, I however had a new occurrence: while loading the recovery, my computer slows down again and boom second crash. Upon me opening Vegas again, suddenly nothing. No recovery. Vegas had turned in to Movie Maker child!  Noooo!!
It did get worse though, because  now the original file was corrupted, which kept my computer freezing and in the end - horray - I lost ALL the data of the last 4 hours.
I deleted my tabs, cleared my history and did a summersault in order to give my computer more ram, browsed forums and youtube tutorials but nothing helped: I had to start from scratch!

On that note:
Thanks to all the kind Facebook comments on my like page, I didn't feel as devastated though! As long as I am working towards something, as long as I know people will still be happy to see my video, no matter if it's slightly delayed, it gives me energy to try again and to go on.
Thanks for all your support! The video is uploading now! I hope you will like it, and maybe it's even that good that you want to share it with friends <3 

All the video links for the event will go up tomorrow too, so you can find out more!
Enjoy the video and thanks for all your support! It helps the most in moments like these!

Love what you do, do what you love!

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