Monday, 11 November 2013

Harajuku Fashion Walk!

Love creative styles? Love Harajuku Fashion!
Taking fashion to another level, you can join the Harajuku Fashion Walk, a catwalk going across town in Harajuku.
I joined the event and created a video of the experience, to show people interested in joining what it's all about. Get inspired, get puzzled, get drawn into the miraculous world of juicy, quirky and extravagant fashion styles.


And here come the pictures for you!
Decora POWER!

Japanese Streets photographer Kjeld taking pictures :)

Me and Junnyan <3

Colours colours colours!

<3 My fashion icon Haruka Kurebayashi!! <3

I was so incredibly happy to get my picture taken with them, you can see it in my face!

On our way home, I managed to escape Death :)

Here come the links!

If you are now curious about more, Japanese Streets has written an article about it with amazing pictures here: Japanese Streets

My friends Cake and Gizzy have also written blog posts about the Fashion walk #19

Furthermore, there is more information about the fashion walks, check out the Fashion Walk's Facebook Page which is also bilingual

Hope you like what you see, and if you have any questions, please let me know!


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