Wednesday, 13 May 2015

SAMURAI NINJA and a LOLITA - Chonmage World ISE Bunkamura

A deep cry echos from the distance and suddenly the large gates in front of me open with a thud. Loud music starts, and a ninja carefully walks outside to greet me. Looking over, I see a samurai bowing politely and waiting for me to enter the gates. But more than that, there is a large humanoid cat with a samurai knot on its head, waving at me.

Must be another day in Japan.

I had the ultimate pleasure to get invited to a place with the incredibly long name:

Izuchi Azuchi Momoyama Bunkamura also called Chonmage world (or formerly called Edo Wonderland). (*Chonmage is the samurai knot that samurais wore on their heads in the old days.)

The following video took me 9 hours to edit but I think it is one of my best edited videos so far:

WHATS THAT?! It's the name of a Japanese Theme Park that is set around the Edo period in Japan; the times of Samurai, Ninja, Geisha, Oiran and all the other famous occupations we know from films, books and anime.

HOW COME? Actually, I was invited by my friend Kana who works there! She is learning to become a performer there and gave me the great opportunity to come and see her "workplace" as such.

WHAT HAPPENED? I actually was allowed to film those great days! I watched shows, joined games, enjoyed delicious food, walked around the beautiful landscape, explored their VERY OWN CASTLE and met lots of interesting people. All in all it was probably one of the most enjoyable experiences this year so far.

IN LOLITA? Visitors are free to wear whatever they like - actually dressing up is encouraged! You are free to wear Lolita fashion, Cosplay or you can opt to rent out some of their traditional costumes against a charge. Imagine walking around the "old Japan" dressed up as Naruto, Ichigo or a magical girl that has traveled through time!

HOW COULD YOU FILM THERE? Visitors are free to film their experience but I asked for a special permission to film in the early mornings and late evenings in order to not accidentally get visitors in front of the camera. That way I managed to take flawless shots of the area which makes me kinda happy.

WHAT DID YOU FILM? Actually over the two days I collected so much video material, that I decided to split the videos into categories. A general overview is the starting video but then I will focus on traditional fashion, Japanese shows and customs and also how to become a Ninja Lolita, which will be a funny little movie.

I hope you will like this series. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading
Stay smiley!