Friday, 1 November 2013

Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant Ikebukuro!

☆It was Halloween across the world, and also in Japan☆

The streets of Ikebukuro were filled with girls cosplaying in revealing outfits and it was also a friend's of mine's birthday. (I know, right? A Halloween Birthday! How awesome is that?!)
So for this special double occasion, we decided to go to a themed restaurant called "Alice in an old Castle" 「古城の国のアリス」 in Ikebukuro.

It's an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant run by the company Diamond Dining who also does several other themed restaurants, bars and cafes. (This one had the theme 'old castle', even though I'd like to question whether the name could have done without the 'old' really.)

Now let's have a look inside!

The walls show several Alice themed pictures and large chandeliers are hanging from the ceiling to give the restaurant that 'old castle' look. On the end of the side hall is a large aquarium with mirrors to give the moving fish a surreal touch. In the main room there is also a chandelier on the floor, which is so large that people can sit inside it if they reserved the space in advance (see the picture below on the left).

They put a lot of effort into the design of the place, so even the lights on the side are golden hands holding the candles, and the coasters were designed with a trump card pattern. Also, relevant to my interests, the staff was cosplaying as Alice in Wonderland characters.

After some time waiting, we got our long awaited Halloween 5 course meal. On Halloween they only allow you to pick from their set meals, instead of getting things from the menu. The Halloween set was a 5 plate course meal for 3.000yen per person.

Starters: Ghost ships with devil and bat chrisps

Next one up: White Rabbit salad

Third dish:bewitched potato stars

Fourth dish: Pumpkin pasta, served in a pumpkin

Dessert: ghost sponge cakes

Overall "Alice in an old castle" Review

- Great atmosphere and lots of attention to detail all around the restaurant floor.
- Very cute decorated food and it also tasted really nice.
- Great for lovers of Alice in Wonderland

- If you are looking for a show or entertainment, there is none though. Some themed restaurants usually supply some kind of entertainment but there were none this time.
- The portion to price value was a bit questionable. The portions you can see on the picture were for a group of 5 people but could easily have been for a group of three or even two. We were all still a bit hungry afterwards. You might actually get more for your money if you go there with a smaller group.

I really enjoyed my time there, and even though I still had some appetite after the meal, it was a nice experience. I might pick another of their restaurants again, at a time when they are less busy, maybe they will be more engaging. I also think restaurants like these are perfect for Lolita Fashion lovers!

On the topic of hungry, here a pic of me mimicking the character "Peko-chan"
I am always a little bit hungry for more sweets I guess. Omnomnom.

Have fun tumbling through Wonderland!
If you are curious now, the link the restaurant is here:

Love and Peace from Japan
Kitty Cat