Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Canudoitcosplaygirl, CanudoitCat, Cathy Kitty - Names and their story

Thanks to the merge with Google+ I've had to make some name changes,
and I'd like to take this spot today to quickly explain the backgrounds.


I always wanted to do a youtube channel, but I also wanted to make it more fun an entertaining than just talking to the camera. I have been doing cosplay for absolute YEARS so I decided to put my passion into practice, and apply myself in the UK. That's how Canyoudoitcosplaygirl was founded. Mainly starting with cosplay I tried to do random challenges from dropping an egg without breaking it (surprisingly popular video) to my favorite type of challenge - including people from conventions! I love how nice people at conventions in the UK are, no matter how crazy my request, they are always great fun and I made lovely new friends that way.
Fun fact: The words "Can you do it Cosplaygirl - Yes I can" were never said in any of my videos. I don't know why, I think it would just have sounded a little false or rehearsed, I guess. Instead, "Challenge START" and "Challenge SUCCESSFUL" are much more natural and fun and feel more like "me".

It was around that time when I slowly branched into Lolita and Harajuku street fashion. I had already liked Lolita fashion and bought dresses, however I had never found a great opportunity to wear my pretty frills outside. My friend Gina told me that there was actually a community where I could wear the frills and meet other lolis -  but Gosh was I surprised  how large the community in the UK was!!
I've been to other meets before, but the day I shot my first Canudoitcosplaygirl video was also the day I met Carol and Joanne, and all the other girls who then gradually became my new community.

The problem that Lolita fashion has, is that it often gets mistaken for cosplay, and some girls can be really upset about that fact. I was and am aware that of the difference but I still like doing both, however I understand that some strict Lolitas might not appreciate that kind of name in connection.
If I had chosen a "person" name, I might not have had that issue, but then again, how could I have known how my life would pan out? There was no way foreseeing it all :)

As name Canudoitcosplaygirl is kind of long, and spelling it out to people, I always got many "what" faces. In some of my bloopers from the early stages of my channel, I actually struggle with my own channel name. Clever cookie. Furthermore, it often was hard to fit the whole name into a video title or on a handout. It was too long for twitter, amongst other platforms. I kept stumbling over the long word I had created.

So once Google plus forced the name change on us, I had to make a choice.
I know most Lolitas give themselves names like "Chocolate, Sweet, Sugar, Cake, Biscuit, Princess" etc, but I kind of felt it wasn't quite me. And after all, I still do other things apart from Lolita. Furthermore, Chococat is already a famous sanrio character, so my favourite type of sweet was taken up by a real kitty :) Meoow!

I asked my friends and subbies for name ideas, and it was actually my friend Carol (who is known for brilliant ideas) who suggested Canudoitcat!
Fantastic! Why did I not think of it before?! It took Carol's cleverness to point out the obvious combination of my real name and my channel. You won't even guess how long I had already been pondering about a fitting name. (Thank you so much Carol!)

I've asked subbies and friends on Facebook too, and even though some people like Cathy Kitty and the old name, the vast amount liked Canudoitcat.
But this name change, doesn't mean that things are going to change at my channel. I still love my old name and I will honor it, and for a while I intend to leave it in brackets next to my new name.

I will still do cosplay, japanese fashion, challenges and all inbetween and I will continue to do my very best to make people smile, communicate and share information with you.

Thank you all for being with me on my journey.
Please stick with me through my future adventures too!!

Because after all:
Canudoitcosplaygirl, Canudoitcat, Cathy Kitty, they are all just one person.
But thanks to you, that one person has become who she is today.


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