Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Alice in Wasedaland

Did you know?
Waseda University in Tokyo, has one of the biggest Lolita fashion clubs in Japan.
The GLP (Gothic, Lolita and Punk Club) was founded by "Ai" and the club has over 60 active members.

Gizzy, Cake, Harriet and I went to the KERA snap at Marui Annex (you get your picture taken and if you're lucky you might get into one of their future KERA magazines) and from there took the train to Waseda University.

 My style for KERA snap.
Theme: Queen of Hears
Skirt + Waistcoat: AP
Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
Bag: Muchacha

Now I've been to a busy university bunkasai festival before, but this broke everything I've seen. We were pretty much getting suffocated by the crowd and a route that would take 5 minutes, took us almost 20 - pushing past people and getting shoved along. It was like a stream of human bodies. But the atmosphere was really great and there were lots of students in cosplay and fancy dress.

Arriving at GLP's Alice in Wasedaland was like coming home in a way:

They had GLB and KERA on every table to look at

- Shops: Lolita fashion accessories and goodies
- Dresses: an opportunity for interested girls (and boys) to try on Lolita fashion dresses and get their picture taken
- Food: Free sweets, tea and beveragees
- Entertainment: Mini fashion shows

That head dress has chocolate on it!

We the Gaijin Lolitas, taking pics and eating all the candy :)
The club members were all dressed in Lolita or Gothic Lolita and most of them were very approachable and open to talk to our group of foreign Lolitas, especially Yuko, who aims to become a fashion designer.

The fashion show was short but very informative, and we could ask the model questions. I ended up asking a lot.
First Fashion show models
Ai (President of GLP) and the Vice President

Ai has made this club grow in just such a short time, it's quite impressive what she has achieved! She's also modelling, supporting the Maison de Julietta, and doing lots of other things. Quite admirable, she is fluent in English and very friendly and approachable. This is what I always have imagined a perfect Lolita to be like. Sweet, cute and fun with a great love for fashion. According to her interview, she's been growing up in Lolita fashion too. Since her childhood, her wardrobe always contained cute and frilly things.

 All in all a fantastic day, and finally an opportunity to speak to real Japanese Lolitas without time pressure or a TV crew. It would be great if we could create a platform where Japanese and International Lolitas could meet.

I sat next to the stage so the models gave me sweets <3

I also took some little clips for a video, but because I have such a large backlog of other awesome videos, it will take a couple of weeks till you get to see them, but please keep looking forward to them!!
That's it for tonight *curtsy*

Love from Japan

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