Thursday, 21 November 2013

Hello. I am kidnapping this blog

Helloooo. This is Google plus speaking. Your favourite new mate. Cat let me, google plus, into her life, soooo i am living with her now.
She's away for the weekend and told me not to touch her computer. I told her i will ask her again later and since shes not here to ask again i helped myself :) I am now taking over her blog. Let me tell you about my day then!
First i drank cat's milk and left it to stand outside, then i lied down in her bed and smelled the pillows. They smell really nice of girl. Then i read through her private letters. They never fail to make me smile. Oh oh and my highlight was going through her diary and dooding onto the pages. I will now read her internet history. Oh and best of all, she had to link her blogger to her phone, so i will always know where she is. I like knowing where people are.
Okay i shall now eat her chrismas sweets.
Glad you read this. Do you want to let google plus into your life too? No? Okay, i will ask you again later!

See you later

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