Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Colourful&Collectible: Japanese Anime themed sweets

Who doesn't love sweets?! What's even more exciting are sweets that are anime themed or that do collaborations with famous anime series or characters. Let me show you some of the sweet, cute and collectible edibles I got while in Japan!

Morinaga brought out chocolate wavers in the Miku Hatsune Design! The sweets are fairly basic, but the package and cards were Vocaloid themed! Each package contains 1 of 18 collectible cards. Mine was of Rin and had a see through pattern. The artist's style was pretty awesome too.

Galbo did a convenience store Anime collaboration special. If you bought two of their sweets, you got a free sticker of "Natsume's book of friends" to stick onto your monthly suica train card (not the normal ones though). The sticker can be used for other purposes as well. The sweets are green tea or strawberry covered chocolate bits that claim they don't melt in the summer sun!

Coolest collaboration that month was the Madoka Magica Movie special. Buying two of the campaign sweets in a convenience store, you could receive a free clear file of either of the characters. I got one pack of Madoka themed candies (right hand side) that contain one sticker (bottom right). The collaboration was so popular that the stores ran out of the files pretty quickly though. By the time I arrived, Sayaka was the only one left, so I was lucky I got one at all.

If you go to a convenience store in Tokyo, it's always good to check if there are Anime offers or collaborations running at the time. You might get some rare goodies of your favourite anime! Family Mart is known for its Miku Hatsune items, but they are usually not on a special offer but rather just rare designs (they are quite pricey though).
If there are free collaboration items, just make sure that the things you pick are actually included in the offer. If you pick the wrong sweets, you might not get the item you wanted!

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!
Stay sweet


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