Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Getting published in KERA ★ KERAに出た!

KERA is my favourite fashion magazine of all time. They don't only feature Lolita Fashion, but also pop, punk, goth, rock, ouji, and many many more styles. KERA is like a guide for all kinds of Harajuku fashion. It's a great mix of creative styles, and just reading KERA inspires me to wear my clothes differently, try out new co-ords and make fashion more fun!
It's one of my main fashion inspirations.
If you should find a copy of KERA - on a convention or a Japanese store - be sure to have a look inside. Kyari Pamyu Pamyu is featured often in KERA magazine as well. She's like the icon for crazy and inventive Harajuku fashion and she used to be a model for KERA before she got big, and still has occasional appearances.  Haruka Kurebayashi is one of their regular models, and you can see her in pretty much every issue. Remember her from my Harajuku Fashion Walk Video? I was so happy to meet her in person!
Now, on the 16th of November the new KERA magazine got out - and I got into it! This is like a total dream come true. I always wanted to be in KERA one day! I can't help bouncing about. I am in my favourite fashion magazine! *squeal*

How come?
Kera often does a SNAP, taking pictures of people on the streets or at designated KERA snap days. This picture was taken at Harajuku Kawaii, a Festival of Harajuku culture. And before you ask, yes there are also videos of the event, and I shall edit them for you to enjoy soon!
On that day, a photographer pulled me to the side and asked if I knew KERA magazine.
Voice in my head shouting: "HELL YES!!!"
My mouth was saying politely: "Mochiron shitteimasu (Of course I know)."
When he asked if he could take my picture for KERA I was over the moon with joy! Of course, getting your picture taken is in no way a guarantee to get published, I knew that. But simply being approached by their photographer was a dream come true. Getting actually printed in KERA makes me want to hug the world! I will give you more details about KERA snap in some of my future posts and videos, so please stay tuned for that.

I shall tell you more about Harajuku Kawaii, as soon as the fitting video for it comes out, either this or the next weekend.
But for now thanks for letting me me share my excitement with you.

Stay bouncy!


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