Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Youtubers VS Google+
... was going to be the title, which then changed into "Google+  is sniffing my panties."
My, probably most controversial video so far, is now up on youtube.
If you haven't seen it yet, let me show you first, before I go on:

Now I rarely get political in my videos, and I've said that before, but I felt strongly enough about this topic that I created another video this week about it

A lot of people are really, I mean REALLY upset about the youtube comment changes now.

I've had private messages of viewers saying they find it just too confusing and until they understand it all they won' t comment. I am sure some others will stop using it and maybe switch to Vimeo or other video services.

Social interaction was the strong point of Youtube, and our social interaction has now become a kind of 'property' on Google+ to be shared constantly. If we wanted to share, we would have done it voluntarily, on our OTHER social networks.

But there is the other 'reason' for this. Google+ will now write great numbers in sharing and 'active users', but that is because we are forced to use it. That looks good on Google+, and they can finally claim to rival Facebook. That pulls in investors, commercial, more money. Also, the box for 'share on google plus' is always ticked, instead of giving us an option to opt in = more traffic for G+

Google+: Can I read your search history?

My friend Carol compared Google+ to the unpopular kid who will try everything to just play with the big guys like Facebook etc and now has really annoyed the whole crowd.
What we are told is that Google+ commenting has been implemented to keep abusive comments out.
What happens is that many many people post even more abusive comments and ascii art all over the walls. 

It's like a troll bonfire, with flame wars and fireworks, and all trolls dancing around. And they are right. Why? People are annoyed and with all those comments and inappropriate pictures, they are only showing the big guys that 'real names' are not stopping people from trolling. The trolls are angry and they are celebrating their anger. It's troll bonfire night.

GOOD thing that can happen: Google re-thinks its idea. I doubt we will get the old comment system back, but we will get an update, that we won't like either, but that might do things a liiiittle bit better.
BAD thing that could happen: we all need to supply our passport data, to verify our real name is 'really real'. Which means Google owns your most vulnerable, important data, alongside all the other information from your search history. That's intimate information, so you pretty much have to let Google+ into your bed. 

Google+ does not take a NO from it's users

Now there is to see, IF there will be a change over the next weeks.
Question is, what will kick off the change? 
Will the -daily growing- petition by convince Google to overthink their decision, or will the troll fire of abusive comments, ascii obscenities and scare links actually convice?
Google+ has so much power right now. And it will maybe first ask us nicely, but in the future might just decide to go in a 'my way on the highway' attitude, like it has now.

We can only wonder, if Google+ will ever take its users NO for an answer or just proceed to get cozy in our bed.

That's it for now on the topic guys.
Please stay in touch and don't loose faith in youtube just yet.

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