Sunday, 3 November 2013

☆ 5000 Thanks to 5000 Subscribers ☆

I've spend two nights editing this video, and I swear to you, my heart was beating, and it still is.
For one, I am so happy I've hit the 5.000 subscriber mark and two, I really enjoyed editing this THANK YOU video and I hope that my feelings are somewhat projected out to YOU in this edit.

THANK YOU all so so so much for watching my youtube channel! I am always so happy that people come back on Sundays or the week after to get entertained by my videos.
Please keep coming back, I will continue to work hard to make you smile!!

The video has literally just gone up!Here it is:

Thank you all so much for being a part of this experience!!!
I hope you will like my November Blog challenge and engage with me through this new platform too!

Furthermore, picking the winners for the Pokémon Give Away was probably the hardest thing ever. Here is the further information:


Pokémon Give Away Winners: Please get in touch via Facebook or Youtube so I can send your prices. I will delete your addresses after sending the parcel for privacy protection
!!! If winners don't get in touch with me within the next 2 days I will have to pick another winner and send it, as I am leaving Japan in 3 days!!!
Here are the winners of the first Pokémon Give Away:
Plushie Prize: skullkazor2
Magazine Price: Toffeeish

Consolation Price:
Because everyone tried so hard, I decided to give out a consolation price to 6 more people!
I will send a pokémon postcard with a message from me, to the following people:

Bartachomy (Because he says it's his birthday)
Justin Guillory (Because he never wins anything)
Timothey Sim (Because he can't afford any merch)

Thanks for everyone's great responses!
If you didn't win, please don't be discouraged, there will be another chance SUPER SOON, next month in December, and I will give out more prices so the chance of getting something is higher :)
Good Luck for the next give away in December!!!
Thanks so so so so so much for joining! Let's have fun playing pokemon!!!

This was my very first give away EVER, but I will do another one in December and I aim to make it LOTS better :) Please stay tuned for that! 



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  1. OMG I won!! Thank you!! I sent you a message on youtube, hopefully I sent it right!! xD