Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Metamorphose temps de fille Lolita Halloween Tea Party 2014

The Kawaii Hello Kitty theme park was bursting with girls in gorgeous dresses, for the Lolita fashion brand Metamorphose temps de file and its annual Halloween Party. Here are some delicious extra snaps, info and videos for you to give you a feel of the real experience. The ticket, which could be bought in the Metamorphose shop in Harajuku also contained also a full day ticket for the Hello Kitty amusement park "Sanrio Puroland".

Sanrio Puroland the nicknamed "Hello Kitty Land" amusement park is called and it focuses around many if Sanrio's famous merchandise characters: Hello Kitty, The Littlest Twin Stars, Cinnamonroll, Sugar Bunnies, Badz Maru and many many more. The inside of the park resembles a magical wonderland, with lanterns, music, and cute things to explore behind every corner.

What place would be better for to wearing your favourite Lolita fashion Halloween co-ords? Five Lolita girls went together and we had the time of our live playing and prancing about, flaunting our dresses and taking pictures inside the park before the tea party.

First, let me show you the park and the sugary, cute goodness of it in the first video. I really tried to capture the feeling and the sheer overkill of Kawaii:

We especially loved The Littlest Twin Stars area, which told a story at first. We had to unite our powers to make something magical happen: how good that we all had magical wands with our co-ords! From there on you could enter the fluffy cute and sparkly world of Kiki and Rara, the Littlest Twin Stars.

Trivia: the star that looked like a washing machine that you saw in the video, is actually a magical device that will create cute things. Usually you only get one item but our friend Hina won the jackpot and all things appeared at once, as you will have seen.

Standing in line for the machine...

 Photo Spot Hint: This is possibly one of the best areas to take your Lolita pictures in, as you can see by the sheer amount of pictures we took. The lighting is however changing a lot, which makes it a little more difficult (our faces at a different color on some pictures).

The Metamorphose temps de fille Halloween Party 2014

Time was flying by and before we realized it, it was already time for the tea party!!
One of the restaurants had been completely reserved for the tea party. At the door we were greeted by the shop staff of Metamorphose who gave us a very warm welcome. As soon as we had taken our seats, we were served a delicious warm dinner - which was surprising as most tea parties stick with light meals and cake. The staff told us that this dinner was not on the Puroland menu and had been made especially for us.
I also sat right opposite the three types of chocolate fountains, which caught my eye - A LOT!

After a short welcome speech we had "free time" - a time slot allocated for taking pictures, socializing I with other Lolitas, making new friends or simply eating the dinner before it can get cold. After free time, we were kindly told to take our seats to enjoy the fashion show.

Metamorphose temps de fille autumn/winter collection 2014

Designer Taira was the MC of the Metamorphose autum and winter collection 2014 fashion show. While one beautiful dress after another came on stage, she gave us details about the design.
Surprisingly models would not only walk onstage - they also walked through the audience. This gave everyone the chance to marvel at the designs and take pictures.

She fashion show opened with the "Minarai" (Apprentice) release. Cute and cheeky, these designs reminded me of a magical Lolita Hogwards Academy.

Metamorphose temps de fille Minrai Apprentice Release
Especially exciting was the Magical Moonlight (English name of the release is Magical Starry Sky) release. Three different designs were introduced, one more exciting than the other, and brought many exclamations from the audience.

Metamorphose Magical Starry Sky OP (one piece)
Metamorphose Fingerless ribbon gloves

My personal favourite was the OP. The one piece dress shows a creative side cut of the material. The Bordeaux red was absolutely beautiful. And the fingerless ribbon gloves - held by the middle finger - had little polygons and pearls on it. Looking quite magical!

Metamorphose temps de fille Magical  Starry Sky 2014

The pinafore dress, coming up gently until under the bust, made a very mature and flattering body shape. The padding on the sides made the model look very curvy for a Lolita - who normally hide their curves away.

Metamorphose tems de fille Magical Starry Sky JSK (Jumper skirt) in blue

The jumper skirt was the frilliest and used the most material. The cut was rather classic compared to the other designs and probably used more printed material than the one piece.

We also got to the an exclusive pre-release design. Metamorphose temps de fille made a collaboration with the famous Butler Cafe Swallowtail and this collaboration included a creamy white jumper skirt and a long maid dress. Visitors could exclusively put their names down for pre-orders at the event.

After the fashion show there was again some time to take pictures with the models and designer Taira - as well as socializing and dipping marshmallows and cream puffs into the chocolate fountains. A dream come true!

Metamorphose designer Taira and Cathy Cat moi

At this point I think it's best if you enjoy the video, otherwise you spoil yourself some details! The fashion show is most exciting when actually seeing the girls walk.

After consuming delicious treats, it was time for the raffle. Every visitor had a number on their entry ticket which automatically took part in the raffle. Taira was drawing the numbers but guess who was handing over the goodies?!
Guest Star: Hello Kitty!

Make space for the massive Kitty!
She came in with a big introduction and the whole room was screaming with  joy. That moment made me realize we are never to old to get excited at a cute mascot entering the room.

Most of the first round prizes went to the brolitas that had come to the event. They looked really happy and shy on stage.

I never thought I would win the main prize but WOW I did. I kind of could not believe it (I had to cut out footage of me going "really?!" and Maria going "Yes really!" before I handed her the camera and went up on stage.) I was so happy I jumped about and teared up at the same time. An amazing moment. I felt like the happiest girl in the world at that moment. Not only going to a great tea party, but also winning main prize made me so incredibly grateful and happy.

As soon as the Raffle part had ended it was unfortunately time to go home, as the amusement park was closing too. On the way out, however, we also got bags with novelty gifts: A tumbler and a napkin of Metamorphose prints!

Maria and I, all bagged up!

The Metamorphose temps de fille Halloween Tea Party had many lovely things to offer that the other brands do not. A hot meal (AP has one for their grande event, but that is double the prize), a theme park, lots of time to socialize, a family feel and needles to say HELLO KITTY!
I think I really like the family atmosphere, the fact that the staff is really friendly and they take their time for visitors. I have come to like the Metamorphose brand even more and I am looking forward to seeing how they will adapt over the next years.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Vogue fashion's Night Out Japan - Harajuku

There is a night in Harajuku like no other nights. Free drinks and streets full of elegant, creative and simply amazing fashion styles. It's the Vogue fashion night!

Cathy Cat at the Vogue fashion's night out

The Harajuku fashion Mecca department store La Foret was right in the heart of the Vogue fashion night and not without a reason: most stores gave visitors the chance to meet their fashion designers, models or collaboration artists right there!

I was so lucky to meet no one rather than the designers Asuka and Maki there! Usually taking pictures inside La Foret and especially the Angelic Pretty store are forbidden, but for this night they even let you take pictures together with the models! I was so happy!

Maki and Asuka at the Angelic Pretty Store in La Foret
I hurried there after work and it was truly a night to remember.
Customers who bought items worth 5.000yen or more got a free drink, a Vogue fashion's night out bag, glow in the dark earrings and a badge.

Vogue Fashion's Night Out Merchandise for free
Most of my lolita friends got their hair (or even their wigs) styled at the Maison de Julietta store who offered hairdos at a really discounted rate. The hair-stylists even let us take a picture with them and their hair creations. Some even got their make up refreshed.
Maison de Julietta hair stylist picture of the day:

The hairstylist (in black) did the adorable hairdo on the right. I wish I knew how to do that with my real hair!

Another famous Lolita was present too, MC Melody Doll from the famous Lolita rap video "Throw it in the bag" was just in Tokyo and spend the evening with us. Cute and classy, it was a real pleasure for me to get to know her.

MC Melody Doll at Maison de Julietta

Once most of us had received their hair-makeover we all took a massive group picture together. Spot the Tokyo international Lolitas you might know from one of my other videos.

Just before we moved on to get our dinner, I spotted Harajuku fashion model and designer Haruka Kurebayashi in the crowd. It is hard to not see her, with all the fun colors and pop fashion items on her outfit. Haruka Kurebayashi was sweet as always. I feel honored she remembers my name by now and she let me take another picture with her.

Haruka Kurebayashi and Cathy Cat

Even though it started raining afterwards and we didn't go down Omote Sando street to check out the Vogue fashion events of other designers, it was still a perfect night.

Cathy Cat and MC Melody Doll

How about you? Have you been to a Vogue Fashion's Night Out in your country?
Let me know! Thanks for reading! Catch you for another fashion post soon!

Cathy Cat

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

6 Kimono styles, goldfish and fishy latte

You will never ever see goldfish in the same light again.
The Tokyo international Lolitas met up in their finest Yukata (summer kimonos) to see the Glittering Goldfish exhibition: The Art Aquarium at Nihonbashi, Tokyo

I chose a yellow yukata with little bunnies on it

You might have already seen the video, but there is a lot more to it.
Video part one, with the truly amazing visuals and artful settings is here:

Video part two is our bonus free time, after we went to the aquarium:

Funnily enough part two seems to be almost doing better on Youtube than part one.
We took lots of beautiful pictures of our yukatas, and I hope you will enjoy them too:

Akira is always so adorable

Random fun picture

Spot the octopus with the head bow!

Akira looks always gorgeous!

Harriet loves goldfish! Her hair was beautiful!

Check out how well tied the bow on the back is!

Cute in pink! Head accessories match the Yukata

Gorgeous Yukata from the Innocent World Lolita brand!

I decided to spice my Yukata look up with a wig and accessories

Yukata Cathy Cat

Yukata girls group picture time
It was a lovely day, we had so much fun! I hope the videos could take you there with us.
See you next Wednesday for another fashion post!

Cathy Cat