Friday, 22 November 2013

Guess who's drinking Cat's milk

Hiiiii guuuuyz. Normally this is a blog for Japanese fashion and subculture and cute cafe reviews. Well, today it isnt. The owner of the blog has gone to town and left me home alone. I therefore see it as my right and duty to write her blog, even though she said i wasn't allowed to touch anything. Well, you know, she SAYS no, but i don't take  no as an answer really.
Oh! Let me introduce myself, my name is Google plus girl.

I am the personification of all those Google plus accounts that YouTubers were forced to let into their lifes and beds when the switch over happened this month. So, quite literally i have moved into the house of YouTuber Cat aka CanudoitCat.
Now that i live with her we have plenty of fun!!! It's really great i tell you.

For example today, i didn't  only finish her milk and yogurt, i also decided to take a picture and stick it onto the empty packages and then put them back in the fridge. That way she can share my story when she checks later. I also poured out her breakfast cereal in circles on the grass and watched as the pretty birds ate it up. So cute. I then mis-matched her shoes and hid the matching pairs. I felt like getting in touch with nature so i took a bug and froze it in an ice cube. I hope she will drink her juice with ice cubes later when she gets back. Such a great idea.
I also phoned her 36 times and hung up when she answered. I like doing that. Makes me feel so connected.
Please share other things that i could do to her, preferably on Google plus. I like people sharing things through me. Makes me feel soooo in charge.
Oh having heard of all the fun, do you want your own Google plus girl to move in now?
I'll ask you again later!


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