Monday, 26 October 2015

Sharla in Japan meets Kawaii Pateen and Cathy Cat

Kawaii Pateen had the pleasure to welcome Sharla, from Sharla in Japan to the Kawaii Pateen studios in Tokyo. I transformed Sharla into a Decora girl and later into a Lolita.
As a result we did a variety of videos on our channels which all can be seen as some sort of story, so here is a suggested order to watch and enjoy that story:

1) The Summary of the Day

2) The Kawaii Pateen Makeup Tutorial

3) Asking Sharla 10 Questions about Lolita Fashion

4) Doing a general Tutorial about Lolita fashion for Sharla's channel

It was a real pleasure to spend time with Sharla. I love dressing up people and Sharla suits Harajuku Fashion SO WELL! I hope some day soon we can roam the streets of Harajuku together in the most adorable fashion styles! 

Most importantly, I hope this will inspire more people to dress in cute and extravagant fashion. Let's make the world a more colourful place!

That's it for now peeps! Hope you like the show!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Kawaii, Quirky and Crazy Kimono Rental experience

You would not guess how rare it is to actually wear a Kimono in Japan!

Most Japanese barely have the chance to wear one.

Last time people let me wear one, at an international party, it lasted 20 minutes and ended with me almost in tears because I had to take it off so quickly to pass it on to another person.

Not so this time!

Downstairs in La Foret, Tokyo Kawaii Musee is letting people rent fun and unusual Kimonos.

I could finally enjoy wearing a kimono without having someone to judge me.

Also, the shop and the clothes are so lovely and unique, I want to go again.

The staff were a real gem and we instantly became friends.

Monday, 14 September 2015

CHEAP JAPANESE thrift shopping FASHION HAUL of Kawaii Dresses Angelic ...


It has been a while since I gave my blog some attention!

And it has also been some time since I spoke with the camera properly!

But it has even been LONGER since I actually bought "NORMAL" clothes!

That's what this weeks video is actually about ... OR IS IT?!

Guess what, if I go shopping, I happen to always come back with something

that carries the kawaii smell of Harajuku.

You will see what I mean.

Love and best wishes,

Cathy Cat

Monday, 6 July 2015

Angelic Pretty - Fantastic Carnival - UNBOXING & REVIEW

Angelic Pretty has had several bloodbaths over the last few months,
and there does not seem to be an end to this war for dresses!
Recently most of their dresses have sold out straight on release day,
often a few hours after release!
Crazy yet true!
This dress I really wanted, but it was not easy at all!
This is the story of a print, a dress, a shopping service and a rabbit!

Hope this will make you smile!

Do what you love! Love what you do!


Cathy Cat

Monday, 22 June 2015

Kawaii Tokyo Street Styles: The Harajuku Fashion Walk 「原宿ファッションウォーク#32」

My oh my my editing software (Sony Movie Studio) is sabotaging me again,

just after I purchased the new version.

I had to redo this video 5 times and the screen was pitchblack after rendering.

This is the only footage I could save.

Hopefully I will not have the same error next time.

Hope you can enjoy it anyways!!!



Monday, 8 June 2015

International LOLITA DAY in Tokyo 2015

One day many beautiful frilly girls of the world decided online to launch a world wide Lolita day, where girls were encouraged to wear frilly and cute dresses, meet up, make friends and take gorgeous pictures. That was the birth of the International Lolita Day.

Now firmly established, this day is an event Lolitas all over the world celebrate twice a year.

I had the pleasure to celebrate with the Tokyo International Lolitas in Harajuku this year.

Our moderators had prepared a lovely private location in the heart of Harajuku where we could socialize without picture hungry tourists.

It was a really lovely day to remember and I hope I could capture it in the following video.

Also, this marks my Circus Lolita Debut this year. I enjoyed the coordinate, what do you think?

I had a great day and giggled so much and I hope to meet some of the girls again very soon.

By the way, my friend Maria convinced me that I NEED an Instagram account, so if you could have a look, I would be really happy to see you!

As always, thanks for reading and DO WHAT YOU LOVE - LOVE WHAT YOU DO!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

SAMURAI NINJA and a LOLITA - Chonmage World ISE Bunkamura

A deep cry echos from the distance and suddenly the large gates in front of me open with a thud. Loud music starts, and a ninja carefully walks outside to greet me. Looking over, I see a samurai bowing politely and waiting for me to enter the gates. But more than that, there is a large humanoid cat with a samurai knot on its head, waving at me.

Must be another day in Japan.

I had the ultimate pleasure to get invited to a place with the incredibly long name:

Izuchi Azuchi Momoyama Bunkamura also called Chonmage world (or formerly called Edo Wonderland). (*Chonmage is the samurai knot that samurais wore on their heads in the old days.)

The following video took me 9 hours to edit but I think it is one of my best edited videos so far:

WHATS THAT?! It's the name of a Japanese Theme Park that is set around the Edo period in Japan; the times of Samurai, Ninja, Geisha, Oiran and all the other famous occupations we know from films, books and anime.

HOW COME? Actually, I was invited by my friend Kana who works there! She is learning to become a performer there and gave me the great opportunity to come and see her "workplace" as such.

WHAT HAPPENED? I actually was allowed to film those great days! I watched shows, joined games, enjoyed delicious food, walked around the beautiful landscape, explored their VERY OWN CASTLE and met lots of interesting people. All in all it was probably one of the most enjoyable experiences this year so far.

IN LOLITA? Visitors are free to wear whatever they like - actually dressing up is encouraged! You are free to wear Lolita fashion, Cosplay or you can opt to rent out some of their traditional costumes against a charge. Imagine walking around the "old Japan" dressed up as Naruto, Ichigo or a magical girl that has traveled through time!

HOW COULD YOU FILM THERE? Visitors are free to film their experience but I asked for a special permission to film in the early mornings and late evenings in order to not accidentally get visitors in front of the camera. That way I managed to take flawless shots of the area which makes me kinda happy.

WHAT DID YOU FILM? Actually over the two days I collected so much video material, that I decided to split the videos into categories. A general overview is the starting video but then I will focus on traditional fashion, Japanese shows and customs and also how to become a Ninja Lolita, which will be a funny little movie.

I hope you will like this series. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading
Stay smiley!


Monday, 20 April 2015

31st Harajuku Fashion Walk 原宿ファッションウォーク ☆

Hey Challengers!

Fun, Fashion, Friends! The 31st Harajuku
Fashion walk featured it all, but unfortunately also some... RAIN. It
started pouring at our half-way stop where we usually take pictures and
chill out.

Nevertheless, we had a great day and there were again
some amazing styles that I would like to show you.

After the walk we went to see the Cherry Blossoms, but it was too rainy and dark to take proper footage for that day. We played some games in the park and shared snacks. It was cold but I think we were all too happy to go home yet so we hung out until it got dark.

Ever since I started taking the Snaps for KAWAII PATEEN, the Fashion Walks have become an incredibly busy event for me. I was therefore really glad to get some extra time to sit and chat and play games with everyone. And once again: I forgot to take outfit snaps of myself! Aaah!

Thanks for reading!

Here is the final product: the Harajuku Fashion Walk Video!

(I love the music I found for this one. What do you think?)

Monday, 13 April 2015


When Girls meet up,  one of the most exciting things to do it trying on each others clothes.

So when I went round the house of my friend Yumiko, she let me try on her beautiful Lolita fashion dresses! She was a little camera shy and did not want to appear on screen, but nevertheless she helped making a fantastic and fun video.

I must confess I had endless fun when doing this video, since both Yumiko and her mother would help my with my hairstyles. Yumiko was like my personal stylist and she chose the accessories and bags according to the dress style.

I felt a little bit like a Princess. I really did.

In this video we actually chose not to put on a wig, so we can let the dresses shine out the way they are and how different they can make you look even without wearing wigs.

I really hope you will like watching this video as much as us making it.

If you want to see more videos like these, let me know!
My favourite dress was... hard to say. I think I love them all.

Which one was your favorite dress?

Looking forward to reading your comments!



Monday, 6 April 2015

Harajuku Fashion Walk LOVE Special 原宿ファッションスペシャルワーク

Hey guys!

It is crazy how busy things can get!

There was a special Harajuku Fashion Walk the other month, this time arranged by the

sexy and fashionable lady Maro. The theme was Valentine, but everyone was welcome to

wear whatever the liked. Some even brought chocolate and Maro prepared heart-shaped rings

for everyone who attended.

It was great fun and everyone had an amazing time.

Check the video out here:

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Angelic Pretty Tea Party Omiya

There are more Angelic Pretty tea parties than the Grande Princess Dreamy Carnival. The smaller stores outside of Tokyo give their own cute tea parties to delight their loyal Lolita customers.
If you were lucky you managed to see the Tea Party video before it got taken down.
There are however some pictures that I am allowed to show you

I hope you liked our styles! See you next time!

Monday, 12 January 2015

FACTS and SECRETS of 2014

Time flies when you are having FUN and fun I - but I also did work A LOT
Nevertheless, I still had some absolutely fantastic moments in 2014 and I want to take a short breath in and think of those moments with you.

For a quick reference here is the 2014 Recap video that gives you a speed-dash-flash flashback to some of the videos of 2014:

I am also kind of person who thinks it is so amazing that you are all watching the videos I create.
I still can't really believe it all.
Yes I am serious!

The fact there are people around the world, small, tall, young, old, male, female, transgender, people of all colors, shapes, ideas, opinions and believes, and they chose to watch my videos. That is a truly fantastic thing.
And whenever I get a comment of you saying you like my videos, it makes me the happiest girl. I am the type of YouTuber, I really believe in the power of my viewers. And sometimes I need to pinch myself to believe it all. Most of the time, I can't quite believe it. Thank you so much.

Thank you all so much for being on this journey with me!
I am also surprised how many "long-term" viewers recently have emerged. I don't mean since I started, but people that have stayed with me for so long, they will write reminiscent posts about past videos. Everytime I am like "WOW you remember my older video? You have actually seen it?"
See, I still can't quite believe you guys are watching.
You are all so sweet.

Surprisingly, even though I was insanely busy in 2014 (to a level of getting sick a lot) I realized I actually uploaded more videos than in 2013. A Miracle.
I uploaded a total of 44 videos in 2014.
Furthermore, I still have a whole pile of videos that have not been edited yet! AAH!

So here are some facts and secrets of 2014:

1) I was blessed with being able to celebrate my birthday in three countries: Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom. Being able to see how many of my friends still care (and remember) me was the biggest gift I got this year and it's worth more than all the money in the world. Even if I am not much in touch because I am so busy, I hope they will still remember me for years to come.

2) I started working in Japan - SERIOUSLY. Some days I am working up to 11 hours in a room with no windows, and there is lots of unpaid time we have to put in. It is NOT a piece of cake (yum), and not everyone can do it. My health has crumbled a lot but I am fighting hard to make it possible to combine a busy work schedule with making videos for you-

3) KAWAII PATEEN is kind enough to let me be their fashion photographer. Which lead to some of the best moments I had and I am very grateful for the chance to meet Aoki Misako, Yui Minakata and Kimura U. They are all very beautiful talented fashion models and it was a great honor to meet them.

4)  a BIG TECHNICAL PROBLEM I had this year was my editing software.
Sony  Vegas used to be great, but now no matter how many times I re-install it,
it keeps crashing on me whenever I edit a video longer than 3 minutes.
And then it takes 3 hours to fix the error and the quality really suffers.

5) The convention I helped founding called "MOE MOE CON" went into its second year! It really made me feel like I have set a milestone for my old university and I hope the future Anime Manga society will be able to make many more great conventions for years to come.

6) I reached over 9.000 subscribers! .... Which naturally means I am checking every day how far it will be until I get ooooh 10.000!!! I actually feel like a child before Christmas. Even more. Like the ultimate Christmas coming up.

7) I danced on camera. Well, I try to avoid dancing on youtube to be honest but... we rehearsed and practiced the Youkai dance for the Harajuku Halloween Walk. I actually love dancing, however for a variety of reasons I am not a youtube dancer. I still dance though. Especially when a good song comes up in my playlist, and when my room is not cluttered with stuff so I don't step on dresses

8) I spend A LOT on fashion this year. A SERIOUS AMOUNT of my salary seems to straight go from my account into dresses. Magic. Frilly magic. If you watch my channel you probably know. But counting it all up, I must have spend a serious fortune this year on my hobby. But then a friend said:
"You are young - buy more dresses" and I think she is right.

Anyways I would like to thank you all for being part of my journey!
Please keep supporting me from now on too!
You are what makes this channel so much fun to do.

Lots of Love and many thanks,

Cathy Cat