Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lolitas, Brolitas and Alice in Wasedaland 2013

You will notice that I've posted about Wasedaland last week, however, since there are only as many Sundays available, the actual video footage will have reached you today.

That day me and my newly won friends Cake, Harriet and Gizzy went to KERA snap. (At KERA snap you can get your picture taken and have a chance of it getting published in the KERA magazine.) In the same shopping center we met a Bolita called Onpu-chan.
From there we went our way to Waseda campus to see the annual "Alice in Wasedaland" event hosted by GLP (Gothic Lolita and Punk no kai).

My full blogpost about "Alice in Wasedaland" is HERE ☆

And of course, the brandnew video about this frilly fun day is HERE:

I had my editing tool dying on me several times but in the end all worked out.
I am actually really curious how my lovely subbies like the intro I made since my 5000 video.
Personally, I think it gives it a  nice touch and shows what other things I do too. I hope it will inspire more people to share my videos around and spread the message of fashion and fun!

Mentioning channel, the GLP Club has an own channel now, and it's also in English,
so I'd recommend you having a look! You will also see the "Alice in Wasedaland" event from a different, more in depth, point of view! Find the channel link HERE

I think I deserve some sleep now, I've been editing for over 7 hours straight!

Love and Frills

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