Monday, 4 November 2013

Patisserie Swallowtail Annex

Four Harajuku Fashion loving girls went to Cafe / Patisserie Swallowtail on Sunday.
I had the pleasure to see Gizzy (a German fashion photographer) and Cake (A Chilean Blogger) again and also got to meet Harriet (a British Lolita) for the first time.

Now, some of you might instantly get an alarm sound saying "Swallowtail? Wait a moment ... isn't this a Butler cafe?" Yes indeed, Swallowtail is famous for its Butler cafe, but that one is based in Ikeburo. They also have several, less famous sub-braces that serve tea and cakes like the one in Marui Annex that we went to.
While the decoration is very classical, they broke it up with large pictures of anime characters and a HD screen, showing scenes from the "Tales of Symphonia" game series. They currently doing "Tales of Symphonia" special collaboration sweets in store.
To our surprise, pictures were forbidden, even if they were just of ourselves. The only thing we were allowed to photograph were the cakes :)

We were served by a maid in an old Victorian style frill dress that was ankle length. But since this wasn't a maid cafe, we didn't get the "welcome mistress" treatment.
My cake was called Catherine, so it literally had my name on it (Cat/Cathy = Catherine) and therefore HAD to belong to me :)


- The interior looked like a cute delicatessen shop. The large counter at the entrance contained dozens of delicious looking cakes and sweets, which pretty much drew us in.
- If you have a soft spot for cute looking cakes, you are at the right place. Their cakes are quite reasonable and cute, and their menu changes with the seasons. If you follow the link, you can drool over them yourself (see if you can spot Cake Catherine!)
- They have a good selection of teas, including Rose tea (Thanks to Harriet). Not as large as some places but still adequate for the Patisserie.
- Reasonable price of their drink set: If you pay an extra of 315yen you can select any drink from the menu, no matter how fancy, and add it to your cake.
- The Victorian Maid uniform of the staff was very cute to look at.

- Taking no pictures is a minus for me. The location was not as fancy as the Butler cafe so it didn't really make sense that we were not allowed to take pictures of us sipping tea
- I am an Anime fan, but large pictures within a classical tea room - it just didn't work. With a different colour shade maybe, but it looked somewhat out of place. Either it's a posh place where you can't take pictures or it's a fun place with colourful posters and happy music - they tried to do both and it looked a bit unhappy. Maybe the pictures are more classical once the collaboration special is over though.
- There is no show or guest service.


All in all it's a cute little cafe in a busy department store in the center of Tokyo.  They are right on the same floor with famous Lolita brand shops (currently opposite Putomayo) in Marui Annex.
So if you are out shopping brand, you can take a rest there in style.
Perfect as a little break on a Lolita shopping day!

If I made you curious, you can look more pictures and information on their official web page:

We had a good time there and then moved on to more frilly adventures, but you will hear more about that sooooon!

Love and Sparkles


  1. Ooo I'd like to check this out. It's sorta my goal to go to all the themed restaurants in tokyo. Is the butler part awkward enough that you wouldn't go as a couple? I would be travelling with my bf and I know enough that I wouldn't go to a maid cafe together (well we did once but it's awkward!)

    1. Do you mean the actual Butler cafe in Ikebukuro? It depends on how open you are as couple. There are no cutesy live shows and food enchantments like in maid cafes. It's like having a butler, they will pull your seats out for you, explain the menu and when you want to call them you ring a bell on the table. That kind of stuff. We went there with a mixed group of guys and girls and we all had a good time.

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