Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Happy Halloween Creepy Dolls!

Happy Halloween Harajuku Lovers!

According to my friend Halloween is "the most wonderful time of the year", especially for those who don't like the holly molly Christmas panic.

I've heard that UK Halloween features more creepy costumes and US Halloween is more fun costumes (bunny, princess etc). Having a look around town in Japan, it's a good mix of the both. I personally prefer the creepy costumes, because I dress up in other things during the whole year. Hihi.

On that note, I will upload some of the fantastic pictures Ian from took with me. He had seen the first creepy doll video and wanted to do a whole photo shoot with the same theme. The result made the second video and a series of creepy pictures, that I hope will make you shudder a little.

 The next set was actually taken in the entrance of my UK house. We were looking for a good location for weeks until we got the hint that the entrance of my house would actually be better than any off-set locations. See for yourself


There are more amazing pictures on Ian's website so be sure to have a look if you find some spare time.

And don't forget, my hallween special video is online right now too. So why not creep out your mates and share the video, for the love of Halloween?!

On that note, have a great spooky Halloween guys!!

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