Sunday, 9 March 2014

Closet Child Japan fashion HAUL

My massive haul of brand lolita fashion dresses: Lots of frill in a massive shopping spree. I never thought i would be able to own so many brand dresses in such a short time.
How come?
And what did i get?!

I will answer the second question first. Here is the sparkly new video of my frilly Japan shopping spree:

Names of the dresses in the video:
Metamorphose: Teddybear Patissier
Angelic Pretty: Fancy Lace
Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Nakayoshi Kumiyachan Trick or Treat
Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Love Ring Present Box
Putumayo: Trump Neko Skirt

How come?
I got paid, my birthday was close but really, lets be honest:
They were all massive bargains!
Each of them was way under 8.000yen, kumyachan was only 3.900yen. Bodyline is more expensive than that! Mentioning that, with the rise of Bodyline prices, it is now often cheaper to buy second hand brand than new Bodyline. Compare the market clever Lolitas!!
Here are some thoughts about the dresses:

Metamorphose Teddy Bear Patissier:
The last two years my friends Carol, Joanne and I did a Lolita pancake day challenge with games and food and they were a real blast! We laughed tears and had so much random fun. In one of them Joanne wore an apron dress and ever since i wanted an apron dress as well. Some lolitas have debated if aprons belong to Lolita dresses, but why not? Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose and others have brought out several collections with apron dresses and skirts. I always like it when my dress/skirt can be worn in different ways. This gives you so much more creativity in making your own styles with one dress/skirt. Also, it is bloody cute!!
You can convince yourself of it in last year's pancake video:

Brilliant day, right?!
Next one up: Angelic Pretty

 Angelic Pretty Fancy Lace
This dress surprised me! At first i thought it was Bttsb instead of AP. Classic style with a fresh and minty touch! The ruffles at the back and the sheering make this dress look very posh. I have however realised that the lace used makes this dress hard to coordinate with other white blouses. The "fancy" lace does not match with the thin lace that most AP blouses have. I will probably have to use my brown Bttsb blouse with it, as it has a sturdy collar. Minty green and chocolate brown combi! Summarizing i can say that the fany lace is so fancy, its possibly a bit too fancy for a normal combi.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Best friend Kumyachan Trick or Treat
Long name for my shortest shirt of the haul. It was the price that made me snatch it from the rail like a hungry teddy. 3.900yen and a recent print as well! I love all kinds of dressing up (as you know) so i love the halloween theme on it too. The Kumyachan release is really cute and one day i might get a teddy kumyachan bag to match. This shirt will hopefully go with my new blue luckypack blouse, as i havent found a way to combine it yet.
But the lace at the dress has stars, so does the blouse, hopefully they will get along. The dress is quite tight though, possibly the tightest skirt i own. Definetly not one to wear on an "all you can eat" cake buffet!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Love Ring Present Box
This dress was another bargain. The top shows a classical style with lace, frill and a shiny bow, the bottom colourful and fun to watch. I love wearing red as a colour and so the dress drew me to it like a magnet. I found out later that the dress might have been reduced because the massive bow at the side is missing. I actually don't miss it really. I am quite clumsy so i might have lost the bow myself really. Also, i think this is a dress for now and the future. When some lolitas get older i have seen then drifting more towards simpler colours and classical cuts. Imagine me as aunty Cat still flauting her frills!

Putumayo: Trump Cat Skirt
I was just about to leave the shop when i saw this skirt poking out from the punk section of the shop (Putumayo is more Punk with some Lolita and is therefore not kept with the other Lolita clothes and brands in the shop). The cats on the skirt caught my eye and my heart and it was quite affordable at 2.800 yen. (I however put another item back, just because i didnt want to go more shopping crazy than i already have been). And hey - EVERYONE LOVES CATS - the internet has proven that. And especially the moustache cat was too adorable. I like wearing loli skirts on normal days out and the simple black and whites with read can easily be combined with casual clothes. Everyone loves a moustache kitty!!

Thats it for today folks! Hope you enjoy your next shopping haul as much as i did mine!
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