Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Lolita Birthday Party

Where was Cat the last weeks? Japan? Germany? Kidnapped by her UK friends?
Actually I was in the UK to celebrate my graduation and my birthday with my dear friends (that have frequent appearances in my videos as well). I was moving around a lot, and lots of things happened in the meantime which left me literally no time to edit my videos.
Sorry to have kept you waiting!
So here is the video of my frilly, fun and simply fantastic Lolita Birthday Party:

To be honest I was really surprised so many managed to come down to see me, as I notified them really last minute. I was really moved and so so happy!

We went to the Mad Hatter's Tea Rooms for another one of their delightful Full Afternoon Teas. Rich in cream, sugar, sparkles and magic.

Macaroons were the most popular item on the menu
Some of my friends were so sweet, they said they did not want me to go away again. That's how the video the other week came to be. I was "kidnapped" by my catnappers.

We have tied Cat to a unicorn and are force-feeding her cake
After the Mad Hatters, we went to the park for pictures and I gave the girls and guys a little surprise goody bag for being so kind and coming to see me.

We had a beautiful day as well, sunshine rainbows and unicorns!

Lolitas of the day
I know some could not make it down that day, and some I couldn't even invite at that short notice. Nevertheless, I would like to thank everyone who could make it, who would have made it if I wasn't so terribly spontaneous, and those who I couldn't call but would have loved to come anyways.
I hope I will get the chance to meet you all again some time in the future. For now I have packed my bags and am off to the next adventure.

Happy Birthday to me - Thank you all!

Now there is the question:
Where in the world will my next video be from?

I will let you guess until then. Thanks for watching, thanks for reading!
Hope you are happy, no matter where in the world you are.


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