Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Baby the stars shine bright, Maison de Julietta, Ooishi Ran and GLP!

I met a famous Lolita fashion designer and I did not know at first! Shame on me! I could have taken a picture with her! Now what did actually happen?!

Let's rewind!

A special event called "The 4th KMD forum" was held at Keio University and they invited the Lolitas from the GLP (Gothic and Lolita and Punk no kai) to join in. The result was a fantastic events full of Japanese Lolitas, virtual Alice in Wonderland magic and sparkly star guests!
Before I go on, here is the precious video:

I have met the GLP Lolitas before, at their event at Waseda University and the video of that is here:

Now at the event at Keio Campus, the Lolitas also had a large fashion walk, a star guest talk and a sweets accessories workshop done by Pastel Parade! Perfect for Lolita fashion!

5 Facts about the event at Keio University:
1) One side was for the Alice cinema, the other for the Lolita fashion lovers
2) The talk was with star guests like Baby the Stars shine bright designer Uehara Kumiko, Yamada Keita from Maison de Julietta  and Illustrator Ooishi Ran.
3) All sweets and tea was free
4) The sweets workshop was free but limited to a certain number of participants
5) Other spaces of the university were for demonstrations of Keio student's media studies

5 Facts about GLP
1) Founded by Ai, after she returned from her studies in America
2) Biggest club for Lolita fashion and appreciation in Japan
3) Some Lolitas recognized me from the last event, which made me extremely happy
4) They were all very kind, sweet and approachable
5) Their Lolita styles were absolutely top-class! Everyone's personal taste also showed through the way they wore their brand.

The star guests talk

5 Facts about the stage talk
1) Yamada Keita from Maison de Julietta was really cool and showed how he appreciated people liking the fashion and he encouraged interested girls to try it, to get their friends into Lolita fashion and to generally give it a go
2) Uehara Kumiko from Baby the Stars shine bright was really elegant and shy. She spoke quietly and was really polite and charming in her own way. After seeing her on stage I read up more about her and she also does the "mainstream" Bttsb design such as the "typical" Baby design with cotton and lace. Kumiko Uehara also designs the shoes, bags and parasols and she wears Baby the stars shine bright dresses almost every day
3) Ooishi Ran was really good talking on stage and some of her words I would like most Lolitas to listen to - Especially the part when she says to break out of the strict Lolita rules and wear it with fun and make the fashion approachable to others. She spoke from my heart!
4) Ai was a really good host and she managed to connect the guest's topics and added her own touch to it. I especially liked the part when she said that having found the thing you love doing, is a truly great experience and that people should not deny themselves. She's a true Lolita at heart.
5) Cool Japan: All guests on stage are aware of how Lolita fashion is getting exported nowadays and how people around the world are getting interested. Uehara Kumiko was really cute when she said she would like people all over the world to wear Lolita fashion and make their dreams (being a princess in a fairytale) come true.

I was glad and grateful that I had the chance to be there!
Oishi Ran even let me take a picture of her, and she posted one of us on her Twitter as well which made me incredibly happy.

Ooishi Ran is really cute!
Seriously big thanks to the guests and to the GLP Lolitas. I was glad to be there!
That's it for today folks!
Have a sparkly week


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