Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Lolita Snowman

Why make a Lolita Snowman?

The weekend an unusual phenomena hit Japan: Snow.
While snow is generally seen in Northern areas such as Hokkaido, the Kanto region including Tokyo, has not seen this much snow in 15-40 years.
People were urged to stay inside their houses. Why?
Most areas do not have the snow clearing system that countries of colder temperatures have, because it was simply not necessary to have one.
So the streets and the passageways remained uncleared while the snow kept falling.

The snow fell pretty heavily all of a sudden, and the weight of the snow tore down the whole sunroof of the nearest bakery. Furthermore, some electric lines took damage and some people had to sit in the rooms without electricity. That would not be as bad if you have central heating: but think twice! There is no central heating in most houses because it usually never gets that cold. Most people heat with electricity and some with gas. Which means the people that head with electricity, like one of my friends, had to live without light, heat and internet for up to 20 hours.

The next day, it was simply beautiful outside. The sun came out and it got relatively warm and I layered up my loli layers and ventured outside. After all, I don't think the chance to make a snowman in Japan will come around that quickly again.

The video of my Lolita snowman is here:

Fashion wise, I am wearing Baby the Stars Shine Bright Gothic lolita JSK together with a AP Kodona jacket (the trousers were so small, they won't even fit my youngest cousin, so at least the top gets some use out of it). The hat I bought at Disney Land Tokyo a while back but I was glad for the warmth it gave me. The wind got stronger during filming, so my hair was a bit of a mess.

What you might have seen in the video:
I am taking this video in a park
I forgot to bring eyes
It's practically not a snowman but a snowlady

What did not make the final cut:
As you would guess, even in Japan, a Lolita will draw attention to herself, making a snowman all by herself. So pretty quickly I had the attention of a group of boys in the park who were making their own igloo. They were actually the ones who shouted encouragement.

 There was a rather large part where I had to explain them why I am filming and the name of my channel. Reminded me how long my channel name is, I guess it's hard to remember.

But why make a snowman? Because life, that's why. It's short, it's cold but you can make something fun and pretty out of it. Some people call it Yolo, I say Carpe Diem.
Make the most of the moment, you never know when it will come back round. If you want to make a snowman now, it's either melted or ice. Sometimes you have to take a chance as it offers itself to you.
I am glad I made a snowman! Hope you all never forget your inner child!

See you next year Lolita Snowman! If there is enough snow that is...

Love what you do - Do what you love!!!


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