Sunday, 2 February 2014

Bean showers! 豆まき! Tomorrow is "Setsubun 2014" in Japan

You might want to watch your head tomorrow, while walking through Japan, it's SETSUBUN 「節分」!  Setsubun is a tradition that happens on February the third in Japan.

Here is my interpretation/explanation of the event:

You might have noticed 3 things in this video:

1) There is a Korilakkuma (yellow coloured bear friend of Rilakkuma) in the video
2) I am wearing Angelic Pretty's Candy Sprinkle from my Candy Sprinkle unboxing video
3) I am throwing the beans ... possibly by myself. lol. Not looking to clever there, haha.

You will win extra amazing brownie points if you have realised:

1) I am wearing a new wig. It melts pink and blonde

AP Candy Sprinkle selfie

2) I am wearing a pink macaroon on my bow

Oh no it's an oniiiii!

3) Psst, behind me there was a white dress and it's my buy of the week. (I might do a thrift shopping video for you soon=)

Pssst! Secret!

Other things to say about Setsubun that didn't make the director Cat cut:

☆ There is a sushi roll that gets eaten silently while being turned into the "lucky direction" of the year. I have never seen anyone do it, but I have eaten the roll before.

☆ Certain shrines hold special ceremonies, where the beans get thrown at a crowd.

☆ While the red mask symbolises the "oni" = devil, the white mask is usually for lady luck.

That's it for today! I sometimes threw beans on Setsubun in the UK, just for fun, on Setsubun. No harm to try for more luck in the new year, right?! If you wanna try it, make sure you don't hit bypassers!
Happy Setsubun everyone!


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