Sunday, 16 February 2014

50 Ways to say I love you and more

Valentine's day 2014 just rushed past, and I thought a lot what kind of Valentine's special I could do for my channel to make my lovely challenger subbies happy.

I had planned a totally different video to be honest, but the newly arrived snow chaos this weekend made it impossible to go outside.
Remember how I said last week that snow was rare? It's become quite a state now, cars are stuck, people are injured and the train times are all over the place. So a trip to Tokyo was out of the question.

I still want to make a Valentine video though, to tell my subbies that I love them!.... Wait! I got the idea! Let's tell them I love them!

So that's how the video got created! To get the full love from me to you, click on the link below:

What you might have seen in the video:
There are 5 different personalities
Google Plus makes a short guest appereance
Lots of different styles

What you might not know:
There are actually more than 50 ways in the video
Some rather famous movie lines in there, can you spot them?
I love you more than cake is a large compliment from a Lolita.

Actually confessing my love to the camera was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I kind of got a little flustered and took my time to get into it. I hope the result will be fun to watch nevertheless.

Google Plus was actually not supposed to pop up in the first place, but my camera ran out of space and the end of the Asuka (red hair) take was cut off. So I had to make do with something new, made more space on my SD card and said the same lines again as Google Plus Girl.

Unfortunately one part got cut out too: "Tell people you love them in German! It scares the hell out of them!!" I have seen that as a meme, and thought it really funny. I had to giggle every time I said it in German, it kind of tickles to say it.

Moe Moe Kyun!

Hope you had a nice Valentine's day! If you have someone you care about, I hope you could see that person that day, or at least write a message. If you don't have a special someone, I hope you still had a great day, with lots of sweets. Love youself, love the things you do, do the things you love!


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