Sunday, 12 January 2014

☆Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle JSK Lucky Pack REVIEW☆

☆ Oh wow Oh Wow oh WOW☆

... is what I wanted to shout all the time while I opened my very first lucky pack today.
I was lucky - to get my handy on a lucky pack at all. I arrived in Japan several days after the new year, and usually they sell out on the first day. I phoned all shops and they actually still had five dresses in black but ONLY at the store in Shinjuku, so I drove for over an hour to get my hands on my first lucky bag.
And I was SUCH a good girl and kept the bag sealed till today, so I could make a fun video with real reactions! Yes, that deserves a pat on the head!

So here is the
CANDY SPRINKLE Angelic Pretty Unboxing video:

You might have spotted one of the following things:
1) There is an Alpaca in my video.
2) I got a cold, my voice is off.
3) I change my wig, to match it better with the dress.

What you (possibly) won't know:
1) The red velvet dress I wear at the start is also an Angelic Pretty dress
2) I am wearing three pettycoats
3) I had to take a large break to just catch my breath again.

Let's check out the dress a little bit more:

Price: 15,750円
Contents: Candy Sprinkle JSK
Same material Head Bow
Matching socks
White Blouse
 Black Bag
(Comes in a pink AP softbag)

Candy Sparkle JSK Black

The dress and blouse is normal white, so off-white blouses wouldn't go with it.

The print reminds me very much of the merry-go-round Angelic Pretty dresses. Alpaca thinks that too.

The bows are unfortunately not detachable! The one at the back of the dress is

Am I the only one to make funny pictures in the mirror when getting my first brand new brand?!

Alpaca has already claimed the soft bag as his new home.

I didn't want to take the dress off after I started wearing it. What surprised me was that some lose stings were still on the dress. I guess that's how I know it's all new and shiny.

Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle JSK Black Review:

+ Very cute dress with great colours. I especially love the turquouise
+ Three different kinds of lace!
+ Matching head bow and socks!
+ The blouse has detail on the bottom, so it can be worn with a skirt as well
+ Amazing value for the money

- The bows are not detachable
- The sleeves on the blouse are too short

I am still absolutely dazzled! This totally made a good start into the year for me!
I love the colour, the print and the soft and delicate lace!
Definitely would buy one again. Baby had a rose print out this year for their announced Lucky Bag but it didn't like it as much as this colourful and happy print. I decided to use black though, because pink and lavender were too much pastel for my taste and they swallowed the pattern a little in my opinion.

Especially with all the Bodyline dramalama it's good to see Brand getting more affordable. The Angelic Pretty shop was having a sale on when I was there to buy the pack and some dresses were as much as 50% off!! I will definitely save up for the next Lucky pack sale!

All in all, great day!
Next Sunday I will review a MYSTERY Lucky Bag! The contents are a surprise, so this time I did not know what was hidden inside. But psst, I shall keep it a secret till next Sunday.

Thanks for reading!

Do what you love - Love what you do!

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