Sunday, 19 January 2014

Baby The Stars Shine Bright + Putomayo Luckybag review

Last week I opened the announced Lucky bag from Angelic Pretty with you guys.
Inside we found the complete Candy Sprinkle JSK in Black plus bag and socks.
This week we are opening the lucky bag from Baby the Stars Shine Bright together.
However this time it's different:
I have no clue what's inside!

BTTSSB (short for Baby the Stars Shine Bright) released two different kinds of lucky bags this year: A decided dress, similar to the Candy Sprinkle, which had a rose print on. Therefore customers knew what they would get and have a whole set. I didn't like the print that much though, and I guess I was not the only one because there were lots of bags still left in stores in Tokyo when I browsed.

However, they also still do the mystery lucky bags, in which they pack items from earlier years that need to leave the store. They still make sure that you get at least one dress or skirt with it, but apart from that the rest is a MYSTERY!

It might not fit together, it might not fit, it might not be your colour - but it will definitely be a surprise!

So let's reveal the mystery in my newest video before I explain more:

You might have realized the following things:
1) There is an Alpaca in my video again. This time I give it a name.
2) I get changed.
3) There is a Putomayo bag on the bed!

To reveal the secret, I actually took a video of the footage of opening the Putomayo bag that day, but when I was editing today, the video got quite long. So I decided to put the pictures of the Putomayo bag on my blog instead. After all, the accessory is really small so they didn't show so well on the camera anyways.

Let's check out the content of the lucky bag:

Price: about 10.000Yen
1) brown blouse with cherry lace collar
2) see-through neckholder blouse with sparkles and star buttons
3) BTTSSB bag in white
4) red bonnet with piano pattern
5) blue striped summery dress
6) matching headbow
(Comes in a pink BTTSSB logo sportsbag)

Derpy but happy me!

Alpaca claimed the bag as house

Lots of good quality lace to give a detailed front. I love the heart buttons as well.

Nice large bow! Still has some strings poking out though.

 One of my weird things with Lolita fashion is, that I keep buying dresses in BLUE but then hesistate to wear them. I still somehow believe that blue is not my colour because I am not naturally blonde. So I rarely wear my blue dresses. In fact, I sold my last blue dress on, as well as my last blue skirt, which I bought and never wore! Such a waste! But with this dress I will try and wear it. It's a really nice different style to the Angelic Pretty and it shows the classical charm that BTTSSB has.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Lucky bag review:

+ lots of value for a cheaper price than the set-dress
+ beautiful bag with long straps to go around your shoulder
+ two kinds of blouse
+ head bow and dress are matching 
+ Surprise fun! 
- the bow was not quite sewn in properly so I had to fix that
- see through blouses are usually not well perceived at Lolita fashion meets
- not the colour I was looking for but I am up for the challenge!

Surprise, suspense, super sweeet!
I know I binged out a lot on dresses this January, but then again, it's my first brand new Angelic and BTTSSB and who knows if I will get them next year. Great value and brand new brand.

Now to the Putomayo bag:

This was the last accessory lucky bag of the shop! It sold at 1.500 Yen but had like 3 times the value inside.
Price:1.500 Yen
1) Star earrings
2) pink cross choker
3) Alice in wonderland Egg necklace
4) matching rabbit earrings
5) box necklace (worth 2.100 yen)

The box item was sold at 2.100 yen alone, and the pack was only 1.500 yen! Bargain! Loving the Alice egg and necklace <3
To be honest, I loved the element of surprise! I even dreamed what wonders might be inside the bag! I was kind of hoping there might be a skirt and a dress but I am still happy with what I got. I might wear the blouses for normal wear and make combinations out of the things I have now. The bonnet will be the hardest to combine though. I will have a think about that.

All in all, a lucky lucky bag in my opinion! I am really grateful!

Can't wait to take my new dresses on new adventures and make fun videos for you!
Okay guys! It's late in Japan I need to grab some sleep!

Night night lovelies!

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