Sunday, 29 December 2013

Lolita Christmas Market Meet: Frills and Friends

Let's go and meet the girls!

If you watch my youtube channel, you probably have seen that I hunted for fashion friends and did a big call for German Lolita Fashion girls to meet me.
The plan was to make a larger meet and stroll around the Munich Xmas markets.
Luckily I had the support of Jasmin, who did a call out on a German network called Animexx. This is due to the fact, that the German Lolita network, works different than most other Lolita networks. For starters, there is a lot less happening over Facebook.
With Jasmin's help we got our message into the right channels though.
So, on a sunny day in December, I managed to meet lots of sweet and beautiful German Lolita Fashion girls and we had an absolutely fantastic day of frills!

The sparkly video is here:

I had great fun filming that day, and the girls were very patient with me when I shoved the camera into their faces. Also, I tried some new filming techniques, did you spot them?!

I like focusing on items the girls are proud of when they go to Lolita meets, so let's check out the Girl's accessories of pride for this meet.

☆Accessories of Pride☆

Cat ears have been a highly debated Lolita fashion topic this year. I think they suit her rather well.

Keys are a lovely symbol to go with your Lolita Fashion style!

I must confess I have a soft spot for pocket watches! And it goes so well with Ouji and Kodona!

This Kitty Ring from Accessorize must have known the Hello Kitty boom! I love it!

I loved her corset, but the hat and googles gave it the real steampunk feel. Now that some Lolita brands have started branching into steampunk, this might be the new/old style to have a comeback!

Spikey Headbands for the more rebellious fashion lover! 

You thought guys can only have boring bags? Think again! Handmade out of a gorgeous box, maybe you are inspired to make your own man-bag now!?

The delicate rose pattern was stitched onto the necklace! A real classic.

A biscuit bag! They always make me hungry, I really would like to have one myself to be honest.

This sea-horse earring set was handmade by Lo's mother. A real eye catcher.

My headdress was made by my friend Ichigo, who owns the same dress. I really wanted to give the dress and the headdress a spin and later on added my Secret-Santa chocolate cake strap to it.

All in all it was a fantastic day. It seems that German Lolitas wear more classic or gothic Lolia outfits on meets, but maybe that was a coincidence. I also saw that several of the girls made their own dresses. I didn't want to take out my brand on a possibly snowy day, but most of the other girls starred in brand dresses such like Angelic Pretty (Lo) and Black Peace Now (Jasmin) etc.

We also had two Lolita newbies, who I hope enjoyed the meet as well and got inspired for their own Lolita fashion styles.

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