Sunday, 8 December 2013

Nymphenburg Palace:Meet the German Loli girls!

Finding new Lolita fashion friends can be a tricky task!
Where to find them? The German Lolita community has a platform called "Bittersweet" that is members only and the waiting list is quite long. So how to appoach them then?
Go out and find them yourself!
That's what I did and I got lucky, fishing for Lolita fashion girls! I met several ones at the Japanese Festival in Munich. I was invited to join three German Lolitas for a meet at the beautiful Baroque Palace of Nymphenburg, and with their help I hope we can make a bigger Lolita fashion meet next month. We went to a beautiful Baroque Palace, which is located withing the city of Munich. I was even allowed to film inside and the staff even had fun watching us giggle and prance about on the premises. Also, a point I really appreciate, the German Lolitas tolerate my craziness and even joined with some of their own crazy! Good times! The video result is here:

I hope this video will inspire those of you, who say they can't find Lolita friends or can't find a community, to not give up and keep looking for friends who like what you do.
I know it's not always easy, but I hope you will find friends too.

Furthermore, we are doing a Lolita Meet in Munich on Sunday 15th, that's already next week! Eeeep! I hope some girls will be able to come to the meet and join us! We will be browsing the real German Christmas markets! And if you are living too far away, in the USA, UK or wherever, I will bring the day close to your hearts with a melting warm video once we spend the day.

Lots more happening, please keep tuned and best of luck for your friendship adventures!
I've been travelling lots the last days, so at this point I will grab a big fluffy bag of sleep.


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