Monday, 13 April 2015


When Girls meet up,  one of the most exciting things to do it trying on each others clothes.

So when I went round the house of my friend Yumiko, she let me try on her beautiful Lolita fashion dresses! She was a little camera shy and did not want to appear on screen, but nevertheless she helped making a fantastic and fun video.

I must confess I had endless fun when doing this video, since both Yumiko and her mother would help my with my hairstyles. Yumiko was like my personal stylist and she chose the accessories and bags according to the dress style.

I felt a little bit like a Princess. I really did.

In this video we actually chose not to put on a wig, so we can let the dresses shine out the way they are and how different they can make you look even without wearing wigs.

I really hope you will like watching this video as much as us making it.

If you want to see more videos like these, let me know!
My favourite dress was... hard to say. I think I love them all.

Which one was your favorite dress?

Looking forward to reading your comments!



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