Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Vogue fashion's Night Out Japan - Harajuku

There is a night in Harajuku like no other nights. Free drinks and streets full of elegant, creative and simply amazing fashion styles. It's the Vogue fashion night!

Cathy Cat at the Vogue fashion's night out

The Harajuku fashion Mecca department store La Foret was right in the heart of the Vogue fashion night and not without a reason: most stores gave visitors the chance to meet their fashion designers, models or collaboration artists right there!

I was so lucky to meet no one rather than the designers Asuka and Maki there! Usually taking pictures inside La Foret and especially the Angelic Pretty store are forbidden, but for this night they even let you take pictures together with the models! I was so happy!

Maki and Asuka at the Angelic Pretty Store in La Foret
I hurried there after work and it was truly a night to remember.
Customers who bought items worth 5.000yen or more got a free drink, a Vogue fashion's night out bag, glow in the dark earrings and a badge.

Vogue Fashion's Night Out Merchandise for free
Most of my lolita friends got their hair (or even their wigs) styled at the Maison de Julietta store who offered hairdos at a really discounted rate. The hair-stylists even let us take a picture with them and their hair creations. Some even got their make up refreshed.
Maison de Julietta hair stylist picture of the day:

The hairstylist (in black) did the adorable hairdo on the right. I wish I knew how to do that with my real hair!

Another famous Lolita was present too, MC Melody Doll from the famous Lolita rap video "Throw it in the bag" was just in Tokyo and spend the evening with us. Cute and classy, it was a real pleasure for me to get to know her.

MC Melody Doll at Maison de Julietta

Once most of us had received their hair-makeover we all took a massive group picture together. Spot the Tokyo international Lolitas you might know from one of my other videos.

Just before we moved on to get our dinner, I spotted Harajuku fashion model and designer Haruka Kurebayashi in the crowd. It is hard to not see her, with all the fun colors and pop fashion items on her outfit. Haruka Kurebayashi was sweet as always. I feel honored she remembers my name by now and she let me take another picture with her.

Haruka Kurebayashi and Cathy Cat

Even though it started raining afterwards and we didn't go down Omote Sando street to check out the Vogue fashion events of other designers, it was still a perfect night.

Cathy Cat and MC Melody Doll

How about you? Have you been to a Vogue Fashion's Night Out in your country?
Let me know! Thanks for reading! Catch you for another fashion post soon!

Cathy Cat

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