Tuesday, 7 October 2014

6 Kimono styles, goldfish and fishy latte

You will never ever see goldfish in the same light again.
The Tokyo international Lolitas met up in their finest Yukata (summer kimonos) to see the Glittering Goldfish exhibition: The Art Aquarium at Nihonbashi, Tokyo

I chose a yellow yukata with little bunnies on it

You might have already seen the video, but there is a lot more to it.
Video part one, with the truly amazing visuals and artful settings is here:

Video part two is our bonus free time, after we went to the aquarium:

Funnily enough part two seems to be almost doing better on Youtube than part one.
We took lots of beautiful pictures of our yukatas, and I hope you will enjoy them too:

Akira is always so adorable

Random fun picture

Spot the octopus with the head bow!

Akira looks always gorgeous!

Harriet loves goldfish! Her hair was beautiful!

Check out how well tied the bow on the back is!

Cute in pink! Head accessories match the Yukata

Gorgeous Yukata from the Innocent World Lolita brand!

I decided to spice my Yukata look up with a wig and accessories

Yukata Cathy Cat

Yukata girls group picture time
It was a lovely day, we had so much fun! I hope the videos could take you there with us.
See you next Wednesday for another fashion post!

Cathy Cat

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