Monday, 1 September 2014

Harajuku Fashion Walk #27

Finally another Harajuku Fashion Walk of KAWAII Street Fashion
Unfortunately I had to miss the last one due to work, but this time I was ready to go-
apart from the fact that it was boiling hot and definitely not the weather for Lolita (which I had initially planned on wearing).

To my surprise the group was a little smaller than usual but we still had lots of fun
The brand new kawaii fashion video is here:

A few snaps on the side:

AP Salopette times

Angelic Pretty Salopette

Haruka Kurebayashi was not present this time, but we got a different surprise:
Sebastian Masuda was in Harajuku!

If you don't know him, he is not only the designer of 6% DOKIDOKI but he also is a famous Harajuku Fashion icon. Kyari Pamyu Pamyu was one of his models for his tours abroad and he has influence in fashion and art alike.

Unfortunately he was not able to join us at the Fashion Walk, but we were invited to his speech at a museum nearby. After doing his version of the ice bucket challenge he was even kind enough to leave a little message for my video.

His new vision is to bring back the "Pedestrian's Paradise" in Harajuku. An area where young people dress the way they want, dance and perform freely while cars are not allowed to enter.
Hopefully, with all Harajuku fashion lovers pulling together, we can achive this for 2020 before the Olympics.

So bring back the "Hokoushya tengoku"
the "Pedestrian's Paradise" for Harajuku:

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