Monday, 29 September 2014

20 must-have items in your lolita handbag

There are several secrets hidden in Lolita fashion girl's handbags,
but there are 10 basic items + 10 more that every Lolita needs to carry in her bag.

The video about the first 10 items is here:

Quick run down of the 10 items and MORE:

1) Parasol
ON, IN or next to your bag has to be a parasol.
Especially those that shelter you against the sun AND the rain are not only stylish but also a real life saver for sudden weather changes.

2) Make-up Kit
Things to freshen up your make up.
I ALWAYS carry an eye liner, lash glue and some lip gloss / chap stick with me.
Other things, such as powder etc are important too

3) Phone
We live in the 21st century. No Lolita without her phone to keep her up to date with dress releases, friend news and gossip. Also - no Lolita without her very own selfie maker!

4) Keys
I once almost missed a Lolita meet because my make up was flawless but I could not find my keys

5) Purse / wallet
Lolita days out always end up being a little more pricey than expected. Take some extra notes with you and if you have a day-pass, don't loose it.
6) Sunscreen
Lolitas generally avoid the sun. This will also prevent you from pre-mature skin aging.

7) Compact mirror
Check if your face is still in order

8) Band aid
There is always at least one Lolita with sore feet in your group.

9) Hair accessories
Especially if you wear wigs, some extra pins might come in really handy when things fall out of place. Literally.

10) Comb
Fringes are cute, but not cute at all when they are blown all over the place by the wind. A comb will help you keep them hairs in check.


11) Aburatorigami "Facial Oil Blotting paper"
I had run out of those for the video, but these little paper stripes help you from looking oily.
Just a couple of dabs on your cheeks and T line and you look more fresh

12) Little Sweets
Yes most Lolitas have a sweet tooth, but this one is for emergencies. Sometimes it takes longer for an event until everyone goes for food and if you are starving, laden down by wigs, corsets etc, a little bit of sugar might perk you up until you reach the next coffee shop.

13) Cream
Hand or facial creams to keep your skin puffy

14) Deodrant
Especially those hot summer days, with layers of petticoats, you want to still smell like a fresh rose and not like that sweaty guy next to you.

15) Hand sanitizer
Especially in the streets of Tokyo, where there are so many people, this is a must.

16) Safety Pins
For absolute wardrobe and petticoat emergencies

17) Notebook and pen
I am a writer, so either note things down in your phone or stay with the classic: Notebook and paper. So important thoughts can never get lost.

18) Mint
For a nice clean breath even after a full afternoon tea

19) Tissues
For sniffles, sneezes, and general tidyness

20) Handkerchief
Why tissues AND a handkercief? True Lolitas know, cake can be your friend or your fiend. If you get your food on your brand than that's drama right there. A nice handkercief will help you keep your dress clean - and your day drama free

Thanks for reading!
Feel free to add to this list!
Hope your next day out will be a full success!


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