Sunday, 6 April 2014

Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House OP

I meant to do a video with my whereabouts a while ago, but today I got too busy so I just made a quick video of my newest haul: 
The Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House OP! *squeals*

The chocolatey video is here:

I have been wondering if I should buy the dress or not, when it was on sale on the web page. I always wanted a nice chocolatey brown dress and the pattern on it is really cute. But I kept telling myself to be good and it still was a little pricey on the sale. I am so glad I didn't get it back then.

Sweet Cream House Selfie time

The brown goes really well with my wig and macaroon bear necklace.
I am so glad I took the risk of buying a lucky pack. And I am also really glad it came with the head bow! After my Closet Child haul I realized that I have pretty dresses, but barely the right head bows to go with them. I got to get a little creative in making co-ordinations, which is not necessarily a bad thing though.

I hope you like this weeks video!
I am looking forward to wearing this outside once its warmer!

You can see it in the video, but I was struggling a little bit with the babydoll cut. Quite a new thing to me to be honest. Also the fact that there is no sheering, might be the reason why it was on sale for such a long time this spring before it landed in the lucky pack. I hope by tying the bow properly, I can still wear the dress without looking too round.

Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House
 Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House INFO:

OP Original Price: 26,040 Yen
Headdress: 3,360Yen

Lucky Pack Price: 10,800 Yen!!!

Super Bargain!

Now let me tell you a secret: Whenever I get a new dress, I start talking tons of selfies, with the most derpiest faces. And I bet I am not the only one... :)

More to follow soon! Sorry for being so busy! I haven't forgotten about you guys!

Love what you do!

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